Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sessilee in February's Allure

Apologies for the shakiness as I do not have a scanner.
Sessilee Lopez is featured in a spread for Allure Magazine's February issue.

Top: In the Marc Jacob's look she is wearing Chanel's Rouge Hydrabase Creme Lipstick in Vamp 

Bottom: She is wearing Maxfactor's Maxalicious Lipgloss in Champagne Bath.

Photos and Shoot: Allure Magazine

Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter with Whateverishly's Coco Buchanan

L: Define Brooklyn Beauty
CB: Brooklyn Beauty? Being hungover, not having showered & still looking fabulous at brunch. Sort of a messy-pulled-togetherishness that isn't contrived-- because you're too hungover to invest that much time in your appearance, yet you don't want to wander into bag lady territory.

L: What are your makeup staples this winter?
CB: my makeup staples this winter are face moisturizer, Neutrogena eye cream that my mom passive-aggressvely gave me, body lotion, and as many non-powdery based substances as possible. My skin is a shitshow like EVERY winter and unfortunately, I haven't found any way to stop it. But I guess the things I've mentioned semi- help.

L: It's a Snow day, I'm probably listening to?
CB: Ha, it IS a snow day today actually. I'm definitely listening to Fleet Foxes, Nina Simone, Sondre Lerche, Iron & Wine, Bon Iver, Billie Holliday, and because I'm thinking of someone today on his flight to Asia, Coconut Records "West Coast." Cheese!

L: How do you keep your hair so fresh at 30 degrees?
CB: More like how do I avoid drying my hair in 5-30 degree weather? I've been going to the gym a lot & letting my hair dry naturally & laying off the flat iron for half of each week. I also alternately use 2 Frederick Fekkai shampoos-- the olive oil one & the shea butter one. I guess the olive oil one for all the other seasons & then the shea butter one for most of winter. Also, I use some Fekkai olive oil gloss stuff post-shower and to touch up that helps too.

L: What's the best piece of recession beauty advice you can give?
CB: Buy stuff that lasts a long time-- even though I've been foolishly buying Stila concealer lately, MAC concealer lasts way, way longer. Mixing lipglosses & lipstick colors can make it feel like you've bought new colors...though this can backfire into wanting to actually buy the color you've created. Oh, and don't ever buy expensive mascara-- they're seriously all the fucking same, so just buy the Maybelline green & pink kind. ANNNND, don't buy any skin product that reeks of pseudoscience-- half that shit doesn't do SHIT.

L: My current makeup hero is?
CB: This is lame, but Zooey Deschanel is my makeup hero, only because we have similar coloring--pale skin, very dark hair-- and she always manages to look fresh, not overly-made up, but you can totally tell she has makeup on at the same time.
I have a complex about being pale during the winter and sometimes have a tendency to OD on bronzer, and I feel like I shouldn't be so ashamed of paleness. So, Zooey is my go-to person on pale pride for dark haired girls.
( come to think about it .. you two do look similar!)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Look: Alexander McQueen for Target

Thanks to a nice source, Is Mental has some nice pic s of Alexander McQueen's diffusion line for Target coming in March.

I will be camped out for this collection, no doubt!

What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter with Whateverishly's Stella Glass

The winter will not stale style, and I'll be damned if we end up looking tore up because its 10 degrees out. I asked my friends over at Whateverishly.com to give us some tips on looking fly this winter.

A little about the gems Stella and Coco, they are Brooklynites that keep us on our toes with music, movies and culture- sans b.s. 
Since becoming a North Eastern newbie, I've been chillin' with these lovelies and experiencing the good life that is BK and NYC  ( dining is to die for!).

 Now introducing Stella Glass!

L: Define Brooklyn Beauty 
SG:Brooklyn Beauty- means no flat ironed hair, not going out with a face full of makeup.
If Brooklyn is Manhattan's funkier, artier (and broker) sister, the makeup has to match the vibe. that means no flat ironed hair and foundation-heavy skin. light makeup, dewy clean skin and a couple of products that highlight your best features.

L:What are your makeup staples this winter?
SG: Moisturizer, moisturizer, moisturizer! Kiehls with SPF for day and Origins Never Say Dry at night. More than anything else, I hate the feeling of dry skin and I don't even leave my house without serious lotion. Other than that Diorskin pressed powder in Shade 02, tarte cheek stain in flush and Diorshow mascara in dark brown. And michael kors perfume. ive been wearing it since freshman year of college and it smells different in the summer and the winter. I love it.

L:It's a Snow day, I'm probably listening to...
SG:Broadcast "The Noise Made By People"
Beach House "Devotion"
La femme D'argent by Air
Brad Mehldau
The Epochs "10 Billion Light Years of Solitude" and the self-titled album
KRS-One "I Got Next"

L:How do you keep your hair so fresh at 30 degrees?
SG:Basically I havent been. i just got my hair cut last week and the stylist told me I had to "concentrate" on 'rehydrating" my hair so I've been deep conditioning with bumble and bumble superrich and then using a terax leave in conditioner called Hydrate Botanica that smells like chamomile. otherwise its just a matter of blowing it out and putting the some Bumble and Bumble grooming creme in to give some texture.

L:What's the best piece of recession beauty advice you can give?
SG:Recession beauty advice is dont splurge on anything other than foundation powder and mascara--virtually everything else you can buy cheap and its not such a big deal.

L:My current makeup hero is?
SG:My makeup hero is consistently the good people at Dior and francois nars as well. His whole philosophy wasnt about covering shit up, it was about enhancing what was already there, and drawing attention to what you love. thats what I love about beauty products. Also I have to take this opportunity to say declare my love for Fresh's Pomegranate Conditioner. Leaves your hair silky and it smells like heaven.

Thanks for helping us look abfab this season!

DDF is a DDdud

Breakouts+ Stress x Finger extraction of Breakouts on face= Hyperpigmentation.

DDF 's Protect and Correct UV Moisturizer SPF 15 is not the colution to the problem.

After a Sephora Skincare "specialist" recommended that I use this product, I should have done my research prior to purchase.

Not only did it leave my already oily skin straight up greasier, it did nothing to help my brownspots on my face.

I guess the first way to attack this problem would be to stop picking with my face ( working on it). But, I have been using a new moisturizer to help my problem and it is working. I can't wait to report on it once I give it some more time.

YSL Spring 2009

Finally a glimpse into the Gloss Pur introduced to us this past fall.
There are now 6 new shades- nude, rose, coral, fuschia and plum available online now.
Other YSL collection fave's for the season are the complexion and eye palettes.
The collection will officially hit stores next month .

I know, I know- $29 is steep for a gloss..but if you used it once every day for a month, it comes out to less than $1 a day.

Sorry, I'm no good :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! ( Part Deux)

Yes, I am entering in my second year of blogging.

Happy Birthday to me! and you ( all 5 of you) that read along and share your thoughts.

Thank you!

Without you, I would have just kept all this in and maybe 50 years down the line some starmen would find a Moleskine, a bassment full of Vogue Paris, W's, Harper's and trunk cases of Caudalie, MAC, Phyto and YSL Makeup , Skincare and Haircare.

Thank you so much and there will be more to come!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jean Paul Gaultier's Complexion Enhancers

Jean Paul Gaultier, one of my favorite designers is just too future forward- Make up for Men.
While girls discreetly give guys skin and brow shaping tips, JPG created a whole line dedicated to the boys we love and now loathe... yes, I'm jealous!

Although, this isn't the first time I've seen his line- it's been at Nordies in Fashion Valley for over 2 years but I haven't seen the product, more-less testers because it was always sold out. 
 I did enjoy the dandy campaign image.

Now Sephora, my 5th meal of the day sells JPG's Complexion Enhancers- Bronzer, Tinted Lip balm and Concealer.

Have you seen these in the flesh?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whateverishly's Poll

Over the holiday break, I polled some friendies to find interests to my random questions. Needless to say, this has been a fun experiment and you will be hearing from Whateverishly in the future!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

Makeover+Videogame= where do I sign up?

On Beauty and the Blog, they feature the Shisedo and Sega created a Nintendo game ( wha? you mean no dream cast?) called Project Beauty!

Link Here

We here in the states will probably see it in about 20 years as it is out in Japan now.
But maybe it can be a Wii game, can you imagine?