Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Bad Girls"

No, not the Donna Summer song about ladies of the night,Paris Vogue's February 2008 issue is the "Bad Girl Issue". In celebration of the women that make headlines in Fashion and the tabloids otherwise.
Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss are featured on the cover... oh so bad and I question:

Why do bad girls get praise?

Are you considered Bad if you have been consistantly good and jumped off the deep end? or if you were naughty to begin with and come to the "good-side"?

Christian Lacroix Couture été 2008

If on Wednesday's we wear pink.. let's wear purple on Thursday!

After the Teacup Party Noir from Monsieur Lacroix from the Prét a porter collection, I thought that the strong dark smoky eye would repeat itself but, with time and some sunshine a little purple/ violet on the eyes revealed a springtime come-hither thats not intimidating. It's a garden celebtration, somewhere to go after the tea party and that was portrayed in the makeup-looks for Christian Lacroix's Summer 2008 collection.
The coordinated lips fit as well, the violet iris-like depth with a pink of pink to give a great play on the summer bold lip sans going the Red or Rosey route.

Suggestions for the look? Try MAC's Fertile eyeshadow from the Strange Hybrid Collection.

C'est Magnifique!

MAC for Fafi update


Here is the latest update for Mac for Fafi coming to all MAC counters on February 13th. Here is the color story:

Fun'n' Sexy Blue pink with blue pearl (glaze)
Not So Innocent Sheer tan with pink and peach pearl (glaze)
Utterly Frivolous Rosy coral with pink pearl (lustre)
High Top Grey purple with blue pearl (glaze)
Flash-n-Dash Intense tangerine red with pink pearl (glaze)
Strawbaby Coral rose with rainbow pearl (lustre)

Cult Fave Blue mid-tone pink with white pearl (frost)
Sugar Trance Creamy soft pink with white and rainbow pearl (frost)
Squeeze lt Brassy plum (frost)
Totally lt Sheer bright pink with intense pink pearl (frost)

Eye Shadow Quads:

Fafi Eyes 1
Howzat Deep grey with silver sparkle (satin)
Hey Neutral tan with white pearl (veluxe pearl)
Pink Venus Washed pink (lustre)
Vanilla Soft pale-peachy-ivory flecked with shimmer (velvet)

Fafi Eyes 2
Bold as Gold Yellow gold with gold pearl (lustre)
You're Fresh Pale green with silver sparkle (lustre)
Shockwave Intense orange with silver sparkle (velvet)
Prankster Muted dark blue (satin)

Paint Pot,
Nice Vice Dirty purple with purple pearl (frost)
Girl Friendly Creamy grey pink (cream)
Layin' Low Creamy beige (cream)
Cash Flow Green gold with gold pearl (frost)
Perky Cream coral with white pearl (satin)
Rollickin' Aqua blue green with white pearl (frost)

Blacktrack Solid flat black

Eye Khol,
Smolderlntense black
Fascinating Snake-eyes matte white

Zoom Lash,
Zoomblack Rich black

Powder Blush,
Hipness Intense coral with soft white pearl
Fashion Frenzy Mid-tone blue pink

Iridescent Pressed Powder,
Sassed-up Soft coral pink with gold sparkle
Verve-acaious Intense yellow gold with gold pearl
Belightful Gilded peach bronze

Nail Lacquer,
Girls Will Be Girls Pink with coral pearl
Boom! Rich eggplant with purple pearl

Pictures and color story:http://www.cosmoty.de/news/2182/

Heatherette for MAC- update!

A special THANKS to ernie1881 for updating Specktra with more info into the Heatherette for MAC collabo!

So far the collection looks delicious!
*Hot pinks, Fuchsia, beiges and corals for the lips.
Hollywood Nights ( fuchsia pink (s)

Lollipop Loving ( Mid-tone coral w/ subtle green gold iridescence (g))
Style Minx ( Fuchsia pink),

Sock Hop ( Soft mid-tone coral)
*Creative colors for the non-conventional Smoky eye ( Mint green and Black in the Bad Girl Eyeshadow palette and Pastel Pink and Eggplant in the Good Girl palette..hello?)
* The return of Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder from the Diana for MAC Collection
* New Eye liner duos with one side glittery.
Nighthawk/Front Row ( Coffee Brown/ Neutral Pink w/ gold glitter)

I haven't been so excited about MAC's collaboration since McQueen or their Summer collection..hey, I'm even more excited for Heatherette than Fafi!

More info will be added in the coming weeks.. hold on tight!

YSL Pop stick blush

Sooo purty!!!

I checked this out on the French Vogue site, YSL's Pop Stick Blush looks so nice and tasty! I'm curious to see how the color payoff will be.
Plus YSL Beaute was just bought out by Loreal. I hope that they keep the color options open as far as foundation colors go. I'm Mocha in YSL's foundations and I know that Loreal doesn't feature anything darker than a cappuccino.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shame on Style.com!

Dear Style.com,

I don't know who interns for you or manages your website but someone sure did get Christian Lacroix's name WRONG!
Below was posted today:

new today
christian lacriox
anne valérie hash
armani privé
christian dior

tisk tisk,


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Review: MAC's N Collection

Sorry for the delay. Between Jury duty, Football- Go Chargers! and an upcoming family nuptials, I haven't had time to review new collections. But this past Sunday brought a ray of hope!
I went into my local MAC counter ( long story short, I'm dissatisfied.. but I'm not going to go there) and picked up the Lightflush MSF and MAC's New Vegas MSF from the McQueen Collection.

My initial thought upon news of a Neutral collection was excitement but when I was swatching the lipsticks and lipglasses I began to ponder. "How many neutral nude, pink, peachy, brown, mauve colors are there for my pout that I do have?", apparently too 4 too many. I passed on 4N lipstick as Instinctive was a little to close in color for me. Then I started doing inventory on all my other "N" like products and ran across my Face Palette..an "N" Blessing in disguise. The name of the palette escapes me but the eyeshadow colors mirror those of the N collection. Orb, Honey Lust, Sablecoated and Quarry- I 'm all set!

Back to the Light Flush. I was pleasantly surprised. Not glittery, more of a pigment consistency with some shimmer but not "disco" shimmer. I would suggest using a liquid base before application for staying power.

As for New Vegas, I was hesitant but lucked out. New Vegas was haunting me.. for reals. I passed it up in October when McQueen came out and then while in Vegas for X-mas, we met eyes at the MAC Pro store- I passed again. Then at my local store, it reared its head and I thought.. "this is my chance, I can't pass it up"- so I went for it.
I love it, its different. for my skintone it highlights the cheekbone area and I use it as an eyeshadow.

Picture: MAC Cosmetics.com

Saturday, January 12, 2008

cK Calvin Klein Makeup Launches!

It's finally here! cK's revamped makeup line is now at Sephora.com.
Contrary to the line that we were introduced to a few years ago that featured neutral and muted tones, the re-vamp has bolder colors that have extras to help the skin.

While in France I had the chance to try the Delicious Pout Flavored Lipgloss in Pastel Gold and was pleasantly surprised! The texture was not as sticky as expected and the packaging makes for great application. Its nice because the gloss doesn't stick to a fuzzy or doefoot applicator.

Though I still haven't seen the line in the Sephora stores yet, it's great that its now available online.

Photo: Sephora.com

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to..


That's right! I've been uber-excited with Beauty, Fashion (and staying warm) that I forgot ( a la the family in sixteen candles) our birthday!!

With that, Happy Birthday to us and 2008 will be great!

Friday, January 4, 2008

MAC's N Collection

It's Back to the Neutrals! And more of your favourite Mineral Skin Finishes.
The first collection to kick-off 2008 will be the N collection. It enovkes beiges, pinks and browns to hi-light and enhance what you have.
The collection is set to release on January 17th, and the buzz will be all about the MSF Natural which now comes in some in-between shades that should suit everyone.

Here is the product rundown thanks to M.A.C - Die Nude-Töne der N Collection mit zarter Blöße und doch bedeckend - Beauty News - COSMOTY.de

1N Light frosted gold with pink pearl
2N Creamy light pink
3N Milky pastel pink
4N Mid-tone creamy brown
5N Plummy sheer brown

1N Creamy white tan
2N Creamy neutral yellow pink
3N Neutral brown with gold and pink pearl
4N Light chocolate brown with red pearl

Small Eyeshadow
Nanogold Sheer Yellow beige with pink pearl
Modest Tone Neutral dirty tan
Neutral Pink Dirty mid-tone blue pink
Rich Flesh Neutral warm brown
Remotely Grey Dirty grey brown
Dark Edge Dirty chocolate brown

Paint Pot
Soft Ochre Yellow beige
Quite Natural Dirty chocolate brown
Groundwork Mid-tone Neutral taupe

Cremestick Liner
Creamola Low-down tan
Sublime Culture Pink caramel fusion

Graphblack Richest graphic-black
Brownborder Deep chocolate brown

Plushblack Black

Nail Lacquer
N Colour Creamy beige
Demi-Blanc Gold beige with green pearl
Naturally Rich Milk chocolate

Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural
Light Medium Pale golden beige
Medium Plus Tan beige
Medium Deep Rich golden tan
Medium Soft creamy beige
Medium Dark Caramel beige
Dark Deep caramel

Mineralize Finish
Warmed Golden bronze with light yellow gold veining
Light Flush Soft pastel pink with deep bronze veining

Charged Water
Renewal Defense
Revitalizing Energy

134 Large Powder Brush,
187 Duo Fibre Face Brush,

I feel that it is about time that MAC incorporated neutral bases, the ones they have now are for the Face and Body Makeup. NC's and NW's are a bit too extreme with nothing in between ( Plus, NW foundations makes me look like an Oompa Loompa ).

Photos:M.A.C - Die Nude-Töne der N Collection mit zarter Blöße und doch bedeckend - Beauty News - COSMOTY.de

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Prescriptives- Technotropics Spring'08

Can we say Juicy!

Prescriptives's spring makeup collection, Technotropics connects brights with wearability, unlike some spring collections I have seen where your eyes and lips are the same vibrant colors.

What I'm liking so far is the Blush More or Less cheek color colours. Extremely portable, easy to use and in beautiful shades.
Thai Orchid will be mine!


Maybelline's Mineral Makeup

Cruising through target, I saw a display for Maybelline's new Mineral Makeup line. It's complete with Powder, Foundation and Concealer. I didn't get a chance to test drive it out due to the fact that they didn't have my shade available the location ( but Tomiko is one of their models so there is hope).

Anyone try this out yet?