Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chanel Coco Rouge Review+ Swatches

This past Thursday night I attended Chanel's Coco Rouge unveiling at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in NYC.
Chanel's Coco Rouge line is quite impressive, with 30 shades of lipstick plus a Saks Fifth Ave Exclusive Byzantine- a deep berry color.
Upon entering the launch, I had two goals in mind. One was to find a Giggle Glossimer equivalent and the other was to find a red-orange lipstick for the spring/summer. I began swatching as soon as I was directed to the display which hit a snag when I remembered some of the inital colors I put on my hands and forgot the other colors I added. The standouts ( and also the ones I swatched) were the reds- Rouge Noir ( the darkest swatch on the right), Russian Ballet ( the burgandy swatch to the far left) and Paris ( the red to the left of Rouge Noir).

The results of my two goals fell way too short. For the Giggle dupe, it didn't exist!
All of the lighter, nude- rose, browns, etc had a frosty finish. After trying one on and then reverting back to the advertising campaing, it looked like Vanessa Paradis was wearing a frosty color too - Mademoiselle. Next, for the orange-red lippie, I was told that since the line was new there would be more colors later on, so no orange-red.
My standout for this collection was Paris, a blue-based red which was very light and creamy. When you wear it, it felt like you weren't wearing anything at all and as an added plus, the staying power could rival a long-wear lipstick.

Overall, the smell of Coco Rouge lipsticks is much lighter than the Hydrabase lipsticks, and very faint. Unfortunately the lighter colors of Coco Rouge are subject to the frosty finish much like the Hydrabase. Though the bolder colors are definitely worth you $30. The case and enclosure of Coco Rouge, I would describe as "space aged" on the slide down to close your cap ( just the sound) with the right amount of "click" to let you know that the cap won't disappear in your makeup bag or purse.

disclaimer: Coco Rouge was purchased at Saks Fifth Ave.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Scent-iments

Spring is my season to pick up a new fragrance. I think I'm the only one who does this as it seems like fragrances are marketed to be gifted for either the Holidays or Valentine's day or its whatever celeb endorsed/collab that comes out every other week. Neither of these are my style as fragrance shopping is a process. When I broke the mold and bought YSL's Parisienne last fall, I adored it but when the roller-vial broke in my luggage over Thanksgiving break- the thought of my luggage still lingers the scent of Parisienne and I ended up giving my perfume away. Le Sigh.
Last year I bought Chloe, which I love. It's soft, warm, floral and woodsy- I'm not good with notes but I tell you its a fave till this day.
Prior to Chloe, I bought Marc Jacobs' Pear Splash which I use in the summer because its so light and fruity and occasionally spritz my closet with it.
Alas its almost Spring and I'm itching for a new citrusy scent to match my make-up lemmings ( I'll be getting to that soon!). I've been sampling some that are good D&G's La Lune but I wish I could seriously get ahold of Marc Jacob' Lemon or Grapefruit Splashes.
Why is it such a challenge to go shopping for this stuff! Sometimes the descriptions at Sephora just don't do justice and I also take into account how many other people wear the exact same fragrance, ( i.e. if you don't want to smell like an ex-girlfriend, don't buy a best seller- ahem Stella McCartney). body chemistry, etc. Next project, new non-celeb fragrances. No, you will not catch me wearing something by Kim Khardashian I prefer to wear something I can envoke. Thank you.
With that, another project in the making- Scents and Scentsability!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

17 Again-Skin repair with La Mer

This winter has been really harsh on my skin, not only the daily weather elements but also stress ( work, studying, etc) has really reared its head on my otherwise relatively clear face.
I do have daily oil resurgance and have to blot the shinies away throughout the day but now I have to look at blemishes too!
It also doesn't help that I have been in-between cleansers because of the weather adjustment- bouncing between Mary Kay and Shiseido and still nothing, bumps still on cheek.
After consulting with my mom, she suggested that I go back to what I used back in the day- La Mer. Say What? Yes, when I was 17 my mother's friend worked at the La Mer counter at Neiman Marcus. She gave me a skin consultation and loaded me with enough Clensing Gel samples for a year. This stuff was amazing on my skin as it was about 5x as oily as it is now plus I also had the nick-name of "Shiny" in school- oh highschool.
Clearly, this stuff was out of my Highschool gas money budget but my Mother bought me a bottle and it put my face back on track to no shine, no blemishes, low hyperpigmentation.
Remenicing about this prompted a Saturday run to Bloomies in Soho where I picked up another bottle at the same price it was 10 years ago ($65) and am anxious to see how my skin will look/ feel at the end of using it for one month. Another item I need to take into account is a moisturizer, for which I am still researching.. any ideas for oily/sensative skin?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Troop Beverly Hills The Experience- NYC

Hello Troopers!

Next Tuesday, February 16th at the Bell House in BK will be dedicated to Wilderness Girls and Cookies!

Troop Beverly Hills the Experience is celebrating the film's 20th year with a sing-a-long, dance-a-long!

Come out and have some post-Valentine's day fun and do the "Freddy".

I might just have to pull out my "Gardening with Glamour" patch!

RIP: Alexander McQueen

I just cannot today.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre- Spring 2010

I just saw a sneak preview for Chanel's new twist on the Chance fragrance, Chance Eau Tendre.

Here's a sneak preview:

-it's a combination of the Chance citrus with more floral notes.

-the fragrance is pink.

- set to launch in March in the US.

Mimifroufrou has the campaign pic featuring model Sigrid Agren here

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chanel Coco Rouge 2.25.10


That's right mark your calendars!
Saks Fifth Ave in NYC will have the official Coco Rouge unveiling on February 25th, 2010.
There will be 15 new shades and I can't wait to play with the colors especially Genial which was featured in the Spring Couture 2010 collection.
Call to book your appointment 212-940-2151 .
Saks Fifth Avenue
611 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Still "Collection Hording"?


Has there ever been a time when you bought an entire collection?

I've been close to the brink in my hay-days with MAC, just 2-3 products shy of the WHOLE thing ( minus product dupes). My first brush with hoarding with MAC's Aquadisiac Collection in 2003, then the Diana Ross Collection ( just shy of the Eye Palettes) and then I kinda fallen out with 2007's Alexander McQueen for MAC being the last one ( skipped on the paint pots).

IMO, collections are now either 1. too big with 1/3 of the products either re-named or discontinued. 2. Dupes or 3. PRO products that I can get anytime at a PRO Store. Granted not everyone has access to a PRO Store, but you can acquire what you want. With that being said, new products, formulas and colors are pretty dismal. Its harder to covet newbies when every other week (seems like days) their is a new collection in your face. I digress, maybe I am slow to change with the 4-5 collection releases every 2-3 months.

What have been your recent collection hordes?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Counter Challange: From Giggle to Eclipse

Last month I wanted to check out the new spring collections and find some new faves while utilizing my current faves, with a few boundaries. Boundary 1. Transitioning a look from Day to Night. Things come up, after I leave the office or playing Rock Band- whatev I have to kick it into high gear last minute- what should I go to without weighing my 4x10 inch makeup bag down?
Boundary 2. Under $100. Yeah, and did you see all those MAC collections? Right. Like I can stay within this budget.
With this in mind, I set out to a one-stop shop ( Saks) on a cold morning with my faves in hand ready to stick to the challenge. My faves I current carry with me at all times are:
- Givenchy Phenom’eyes
- YSL Bronzer #2
- Chanel Giggle Glossimer
- MAC’s Smolder

I visited Diane at the Chanel counter ( told you it was a challenge) because lately I’ve been on a Chanel kick. I already bought Particuliere so I wanted to see if anything else in the Spring Collection was fitting. She suggested a highlighter (Empriente De Chanel) for the day to balance the eye and pinky-brown Giggle.
Now on to Night, Since I had Smolder, we tried something smoky but not as bold as black so she went with Marine Eyeliner that – I have to say I love!
For Lips, she pulled Eclipse Glossimer on me and told me the story about it.
Not-a-long story shortened, this HG lipgloss was backorded by Saks and they have a secret stash! The sparkles are more like Spark and Immaginaire but the color- a deep rose borderline burgundy goes on very smooth with lots of color.
She created a face chart and I was on my way! Starting off the New Year with 2 new looks under $100 and I didn’t go over budget.

How many times do you go to a counter or a store for a makeover? Do you ever build around something you already have than buying a dupe?
disclaimer: All products were purchased by me