Thursday, February 4, 2010

Still "Collection Hording"?


Has there ever been a time when you bought an entire collection?

I've been close to the brink in my hay-days with MAC, just 2-3 products shy of the WHOLE thing ( minus product dupes). My first brush with hoarding with MAC's Aquadisiac Collection in 2003, then the Diana Ross Collection ( just shy of the Eye Palettes) and then I kinda fallen out with 2007's Alexander McQueen for MAC being the last one ( skipped on the paint pots).

IMO, collections are now either 1. too big with 1/3 of the products either re-named or discontinued. 2. Dupes or 3. PRO products that I can get anytime at a PRO Store. Granted not everyone has access to a PRO Store, but you can acquire what you want. With that being said, new products, formulas and colors are pretty dismal. Its harder to covet newbies when every other week (seems like days) their is a new collection in your face. I digress, maybe I am slow to change with the 4-5 collection releases every 2-3 months.

What have been your recent collection hordes?

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