Monday, March 24, 2008

Heatherette Review

So after seeing leaked pics and product info from Ebay and My bar from this collection went from Hot to tepid.
#1. I noticed that there were little to know swatches of the pinks on members of darker tones and #2. The product descriptions were waaay off from what the actual product looks like.
I do however love the packaging. Campy, 80's and reminds me that my hair looks fierce!

Though Hollywood nights, Fleshpot and Lollipop Loving does not work for NW 45 ( or atleast for me). Sock Hop has come away as a great lipglass for pigmented lips! Its creamy coral and I can wear it along or with a lip conditioner and it looks everyday as opposed to "candy coated fuschia weekend".

I have Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder from the Diana Collection and use it regularly. It should go in a vault for safe keeping. Alpha girl was an ashy pink on my cheeks so I passed.

NightHawk/Front Row duo pencil is a dream in 1. Its neutral and a spin on the the coveted smoky eye. How about beige glitter on the lid and dark brown as a liner and a crease?

Though I am majorly disappointed, I did like this collection 3x better than Fafi.
On a scale of High Tea, Ornamentalism and Diana ( my 10's) to Ballonacy, Sweetie Cake and Sleek Chic (1 to-2), I give Heatherette a 6. I wish the collection was more Beauty of color friendly.

C'est tout.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lacroix Afterdark

Ok, so I am feeling very creative today and decided to "shoot" my own campaign for a lippie I made..about an hour ago.
I was inspired by Louis Vuitton's AfterDark S/S'08 collection and I love the Richard Prince campaign. I decided to take some pics.
I used MAC NW45 Select Tint,
Beauty Powder in Smooth Harmony ( as a setting powder)
MAC Eye Khol in Black Karat
YSL Mascara
MAC Harmony Blush
YSL Bronzer #2
and my own Lacroix Afterdark creation ( Sephora lip pencil, MAC lip conditioner and Tenderstone).

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Heatherette for MAC..Sold out before the launch?!

'tis TRUE!

All Lip,EyePalette, Nailpolish, Lashes and Glitter associated with Heatherette's MAC collection is already on Backorder!
How? I think in LARGE part to the MAC addicts at! The lovely forum members over there pounced on these coveted items.

Just because these wont be at your doorsteps in the next 2 weeks( if you order online) doesn't mean you can't check out the collection in stores tomorrow.

Hurry up before you seriously miss out!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Et Vous Spring?

No, I didn't forget about you.. I know my post haven't been as fast and furious as they have earlier this year but the GMAT is killing me!

I know.. excuses excuses.. not really. But I do have some new loves.

A few weekends ago I peeped Bath and Body works looking for my good 'ol Smith's Rosebud Salve and came across their new Spring Launches. The fragrance that caught my nose ( and is now currently brewing in my diffuser is their Enchanted Orchid home fragrance oil. The scent is the best intro to spring since khaki's.
What's cool is my Dior Ultra sheer lipstick has the same scent.. loves it all the way.

I also peeped BBW's C.O Bigelow Mentha liptint in Violet Mint and mixed it with my Sephora violet lip pencil for a Louis Vuitton/Richard Prince look.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Christian Lacroix Fall '08 look

+ =

Marlene +Nomi= Lacroix's Fall '08 runway look.
I love the sophistication..but can fall be relaxed and playful too?
Spring is in two weeks and I'm not ready to retire a burgundy lippie after seeing this... ok maybe I am.
Thankfully the clothes in the collection are striking and the hair buns with the gold clips are fierce! & Google