Tuesday, October 30, 2007

MAC Stylistics

Ok, I know that this is my 3rd post about this collection.. but I seriously can't wait- it comes out a week after my birthday and I have been damn good this year ( hehe)
Personally, a lot of the MAC Collections this year has been a major disappointment ( Charged Waters anyone? How about the hullabaloo over Baloonacy?)
Here is the MAC Stylistics collection in all its glory! Coming to MAC counters, November 29th.

• Soft Pout Sheer pink peach with white pearlized pigments (frost)
• In Vogue Neutral mid-tone brown with gold pearlized pigments (frost)
• Stylistic Vibrant yellow red (cream)
• The Scene Deep Berry (cream)

• Conversational Sheer creamy white with pink pearlized pigments (frost)
• Hyper Chic Neutral Caramel brown (frost)
• Witty Intese red with red pearlized pigments (frost)
• Tastemaker Deep wine with red and gold pearlized pigments (frost)

SheerSpark Pressed Powder:
• Solitaire Beige with gold pearlized pigments (frost)
• Fashionette Berry with red and pink pearlized pigments (frost)
• Warm Ice Soft pink peach with pink pearlized pigments (frost)
• Pave Pink with gold pearlized pigments (frost)

Sheer Mystery Powder:
• Model Chic Warm Beige
• Lighthearted Caramel
• Dark Secret Deep caramel

The collection includes a Pearl enlaced Clutch , 3 limited edition brushes and the Air of Style perfume.
Be on the look-out for a review as this collection is coming up soon.
Photos: temptalia.com
Product Information: bunnybunnybunny of speckta.net

Monday, October 29, 2007

Hones-tly it brightens my day!

Amist all the craziness that ensued last week with the fires, I managed to work in some retail therapy. I walked into Bath and Body Works/ White Barn and walked out with a bag equivalent to lifting weights.
One of the heaviest items happens to be the best smelling- Sarah Ferguson's Hones-ty candle. Its heavenly, Rose and Ginger- I never would have thought I would love something that smelled so frou-frou.
You can find it on www.bathandbodyworks.com under candles.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wearing Nothing Is Divine.. Naked Is A State Of Mind

MAC's Of Beauty collection will bring something different to the vanity next month. Considering everyone is gearing up for their holiday goodies, Of Beauty will showcase highlighters ( Studio Lights) and Powders ( Beauty Powders) created to enhance our features.
Studio Lights were also featured in the Catherine Denueve Icon collection last year and Beauty powders have been popping up in collections since 2005. Here is the rundown courtesy of Specktra.net
Beauty Powder/Loose
Dancing Light - Creamy gold with white gold reflect (Permanent at Pro Stores)
Drizzlegold - Fleshy beige with copper and gold reflect (Permanent at Pro Stores)
Natural Flare - Peachy champagne with white and gold reflect (Permanent at Pro Stores)
Sunspill - Coral peach with white and gold reflect (New, Limited Edition)
Tenderdusk - Soft pink with red and gold reflect (New, Limited Edition)
Soft Flame - Rich plum with reddish copper reflect (New, Limited Edition)
Studio Lights
Skin Lure - Soft creamy beige (Repromote, Limited Edition)
Ideal Pink - Palest pinkish beige (Repromote, Limited Edition)
Smoothspice - Caramel (Repromote, Limited Edition)
Frangipan - Pale golden yellow (New, Limited Edition)
Sand - Soft peachy beige (New, Limited Edition)
183 Flat Buffer Brush - Short, full, circular buffing brush with flattened top made of natural fibres (New, Limited Edition)
188 Small Duo Fibre Brush (Permanent at all locations)
222 Tapered Blending Brush (Permanent at all locations)

I hope they make something comparable to YSL's Touche éclat #4 because its my favorite. Which brings me to ponder- Since YSL is doing so well with this product, is MAC jumping on the bandwagon? And if so, look at Givenchy and Dior who also make higlighter pens, is MAC targeting Gen X, Y and Me to enhance instead of cover..

Monday, October 22, 2007

McQueen Lemming- Black Karat

First , I would like to send thoughts and prayers to all of those in the effected areas of the fires here in San Diego. Hopefully everything will be contained soon.

On Friday, I mosied over to the MAC counter and checked out McQueen. I was a bit concerned because I didn't think the collection would correspond with my skin tone. I was wrong. Having purchased Archtype l/s and Haunting eyeshadow on MAC's website. I wasn't sure what to expect. I am excited I took a chance.

At the counter, I encountered Black Karat- described as Black with Gold pearl. Its beautiful and creates a unique Smokey Eye. How unique? Its wearable and can be layered with the eyeshadows that accompany the collection.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

MAC Stylistics Collection

Like last year's Diamond adorned couture collection- MAC Cosmetics will up the ante on November 29th with their Luxe collection- Stylistics. Here is a sneak peak of what to expect for the holiday's. Back in August , we heard about the exclusive fragrance and the exclusivity of the fragrance and the line.
Why am I so excited? because Alek Wek ( our one of our Beauté du Jour's is the campaign model!)
So far there will be 4 lipsticks, 4 lipglasses,4 diamond powders,3 sheer mystery powders, 3 brush sets and 1 luxe bag.
Here's a pic of the pearl encrusted compact from W's November issue.
Alek's pic is courtesy of Specktra.net

Paris Fashion Week SS'08- Christian Lacroix

Oh yes, My dream was so close..yet so far away ( about 4 feet and 2 gates away).
On October 3rd, I went down to the Jardin de Tulleries in France and checked out the Christian Lacroix show. Though I spectated outside of the Press and Standing lines, I was heaving with excitement! I loved the music ( a mix of MIA and some whimsical stuff..anyone have the runway soundtrack out there?)
For about 30 minutes, I was in heaven and when the show was over I walked around and got the shock of my life ( thus far). CHRISTIAN LACROIX being interviewed for FTV. I waved and he acknowledged. I still have my grin on to this day. I was told by a couple that I should have "namesake dropped".. I was just happy to see Monsieur Lacroix and his greatness. Maybe next time.
I am hoping to see the actual show for Spring/Summer 09. Here are some photos- I will have more later.

Best Pink Lips for "Beauties of Color"

Usually when Allure magazine totes "matches all skintones" or " universally flattering" or something along these lines, I pay them no mind. I love the mag but they hardly ever feature a beauty of color in its editorials much less the cover so that we can test and try the products seen on them- that's a whole 'nother issue.
They did get this one right. In the October Best of Beauty issue. Shu Uemura's Rouge Unlimited PK 358 is listed as " Best Sheer" in the mag is actually ( according to moi) the Best Pink lipstick for Beauties of Color.
It is sheer so it doesnt cake on and it has buildable coverage ( which is great for work and play) most importantly- it doesn't make you look like you are straight out of Saved by the Bell with the boldness and it lasts for 8 hours.
You can find it at Neiman Marcus , Saks Fifth Avenue and www.shuuemura-usa.com

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Heidi- No

Victoria's Secret released the Heidi Klum Very Sexy Makeup collection today.
Unfortunately for me- I tested it yesterday.
The consensus, Heidi NO. Unless you want to look like you are impersonating drag, the glitter, shimmer and frost is a no. And even if you were going the drag route, you would probably not want to mess with a chunky giltter liner like this one- its destined to ruin your corneas. The lipstick is tacky and the only thing going for this collection is the eye pallete.. then again, the company forgot that they released one just like this but under another name.
Heidi why? You know you don't wear this junk, so why are you trying to sell it? Please stick to your print, runway, Project Runway and musical talents- I loved the holiday album.
Victoria's Secret- Why didn't you make a Giselle Very Sexy Makeup collection before you let her contract expire/
I would have preferred beachy to queeny anyday.
pic: bellasugar

Monday, October 15, 2007

MAC Holiday- Antiquitease

Lots of Frost this winter.. rather next week!
MAC Antiquitease releases on October 26th. Get ready for some bold red lips, lots of gold and silver hi-lights and MAC's coveted mineralized duo eyeshadows.
Here is the list of the collection:


Gilty Kiss Yellow gold with gold pearl (frost)
Her Fancy Sheer light pink with gold pearl (frost)
Antiquitease Copper with red pearl (frost)
Queen’s Sin Intense red with red pearl (frost)
Budding Lust Deep neutral plum (frost)


Red Romp Mid-tone red with red pearl (frost)
Corsette Dirty grey brown with gold pearl (frost)
Trifle White pink with pink pearl (frost)
Majestic Yellow gold with gold pearl (frost)

Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo

Silversmith Silver blue with dirty mid-tone blue and white veining (frost)
Earthly Riches Deep plum and dirty deep grey with pink veining (frost)
Engaging Pinky beige and yellow gold with rose veining (frost)
Family Silver Dirty light silver and mid-tone
Mi’ Lady Intense blood red and rich purple with white veining (frost)


Gold Stroke Mid-tone chocolate brown with red pearl
Your Ladyship Creamy white with gold pearl
Sweet Sienna Dirty brown with grey pearl


Uppity Yellow gold with gold pearl

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nordies Fall Trend Show 2007

Yes! Its that time of the year!
One of the artists at my favorite counter called and the Nordstrom Trendshow for San Diego will be November 17th.
Call and book your appointment with your $15 gift card fee and enjoy the trendshow with looks to covet!
I'll see you there!

Yves Saint Laurent's Elle

I just got back from Paris and I'm recovering from walking, shopping, talking,Nuit Blanche, Jardin de Tulleries and my visit to the Basque Country.
Lots to share! Pics, stories and of course...Maquillage ( Makeup) and Fragrance.
First off, I'm going to share the fragrance of my dreams...literally. Yves Saint Laurent's Elle, its what I call the jeunesse fragrance- along the lines of My Dior Cherie by Dior and Chance by Chanel.
Normally, I am not enamored by Fragrances but this one hit the spot. Its fruity sophisticated mixed with Jasmin,Freesia and Pink Berry's- I can't wait to wear my samples. The Galleries Lafayette had an event for the fragrance which equaled beaucoup de samples.
Elle should be out in the states come November.