Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bobbi Brown Summer Palette

Yay for Summer Palettes!
Bobbi Brown's Sunkissed Face Palette is dreamy.. Why? because this is the first palette i've seen ( in a while) to incorporate a bronze pink for the lips. Bronze or any shade of brown for the lips.. that reminds me of the mid-nineties craze. But I think it is cool. Brown is back!
The Beachy pink colors are fab and I am really loving the Bahama Brown blush in the center. This palette is definately wearable for all... and I think its about time that cosmetic companies start accknowledging that.

Friday, May 25, 2007

YSL Summer Beauté

Happy I am for this nice weekend.

Nordies is having a trendshow on June 1st and I made an appt. with YSL. I'm excited because their regional artist is fantastic. I saw her in action and she is a firecracker. Any way, I like their new summer collection. While I might hold off on the Yves Saint Laurent 'Mosaic' Sun Powder Palette ( its $57!) I will have no problem with picking up their new lip plumper in Plum ( Yves Saint Laurent Shiny Lip Plumper). The eye mosaic one looks like too but.. I have to put the breaks on my summer collections. What I'm waiting for is the Sunstrip collection from MAC... even though the collection was supposed to be out on the 30th.. it's been pushed back to the 11th of June ( WTF?!) I hope the Pro Store in Hollywood has it.. they usually get the merch first.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Multiple Orgasm..

It's about time!

Orgasm has been a cult favorite for NARS. Its everywhere and at the top of everyone's list. First as a Blush then as a lipgloss- later as a lipgloss and Blush set and now as a Multiple 3-in-1!
Thank you François!
Thank you for the info!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Chanel Resort ' 08 Review

This was a beautiful collection... held in the Santa Monica Airport.
I enjoyed seeing the results of Lagerfeld on this collection moreso than the Snow Capsule collection of this Fall. I love the Flight Attendent, Jet Set, Boho and Night out themes that accompanied.

The looks featured were great! and wearable. The first looks featured Bold Red Lips ( Russian Red and Ruby Woo MAC Lipsticks ) with flushed- tan cheeks. Then moved on to warm cheeks and pink lips.. a bit more relaxing.

Awww 1 month till summer..

Special Thanks to

p.p.s. It was soo nice to see Jessica Miller back on the scene.. I missed her dearly! If only Chanel could book a Chanel show? Lagerfeld.. show some love?
( If only Lacroix could book Lacroix)

Minty Lips.. Oh My!

Bourjois has introduced some new lip treatments. A balm de nuit and a lipstick that provides 8 hours of moisture. But my fave is the lipgloss that provides 4 hours of moisture.. in a minty blue shade. Why? because it tingles your lips and freshens your breath all at the same time.. I love 2- in-1's plus they have the minty lipshade in the mini.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Naomi Campbell on W- June 2007

So I have to say, I like this cover. All of her make-up was done by MAC, here is the rundown:
Select Moistureblend SPF15-NW55
Eyeshadows - NightDivine, Beautiful Iris
Eyekhol- Smolder
Zoomlash Mascara- Zoomblack
PowderBlush- Breath of Plum
Tenderstones SPF 12 in Softnote

The article chronicals her 5 day sentence of community service held earlier this year. She mentions that she watched I Love NY too.. wow. She really is a tangible person..

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sephora's Beauty Insider

I just signed up.. seems like a pretty cool program. Sign-up and they give you a survey about your skin needs and such.. then they have a cool bulletin with featured products for your skin tone and type. Check it out at

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Summer Bronze: 101

Thank you for joining my class today... well maybe it will be a series for the summer on.. Summer. My second most favorite time of the year ( first is fall).
How do you look blatently hot without looking toasted, burnt or rashed...
1) find a bronzer that works with your tone, if you are pale go for warm peachy so bronzer won't make you look " dirty". if you are golden- a warm sandy brown color works, carmel and dark tones look good with slight orange undertones to complement brown skin and darker tones look perfect in vibrant orange and golds.
I took a pick of some bronzers that were recommended to me from friends that work for them.
VS's Summer Bronzer in 2&3 and Nars Casino work perfect for light skin. Dior's Bronzer in #3 & #4 is good for Medium and Darker tones would like MAC's Bronzer in Refined Golden Bronze and Refined Deeper Bronze work well.
2) How to apply: I like to use my Nars Bronzer brush and get 2 nice swipes.Dust the excess on a tissue
3) Where to apply: under your cheekbone in a crescent ( "smile" happy face) motion blending well. this adds definition to your cheeks
4) What cheekbones?: In the event you do not have cheekbones, Smile and add color to the apples of your cheeks.. trust me you do have those.
5) What else can I use it for: Contouring your jawline for a stronger face in pics, insta-boobing by applying color in between your breast bone and accenting your curvature, along the forehead and bridge of nose( you get tons of sun there too).
The key is blending and making sure that the color is fluid.
I can't wait till May Gray is over to start looking as if I got some sun.

It's a Trip

In every sense of the word. Galliano displayed Dior's resort wear.. and I find it lovely, though I am tired of seeing Jackie O undertones.. ( MK does it alot.. is there no other muse?)
I love the vibrant colors and the nail polish the models were rocking but I'm a bit confused.. if the fall collections come out in the spring, and the resort collections come out now.. when are they going to hit the stores? January 15th.
As far as the trip, 3 girls made a spill onto the runway yesterday.. ouch.
Go Cankles!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Moonbathe Sneak Peek!

Thank you to for the new collection info.
Moonbathe will be released on May 31st but here are your sneek peek pics.

Monday, May 7, 2007

RIP: Isabella Blow

She discovered Alexander McQueen, Sophie Dahl and Stella Tennant and shse was a British Magazine editor and international style icon.. She also had a fabulous lipstick collabo with MAC.
Isabella has died today from reasons unknown as of yet.

( Source:

Friday, May 4, 2007

Dior Summer Palette 07

I just ran into this nice lil lovely from Dior. Dior Bronze Sun Couture Palette
has a face powder, highlighter, blush and lipgloss in a cute compact.
Dior makes some great palettes because you can put them in your purse, pocket and they are accessable when traveling.. much like their Spring First Class one.
Plus their new lip glosses- Dior Addict Ultra Reflect Lip Gloss comes in some gnarly colors ( did I just say gnarly)that will look great for the summer. They are reformulated and on they help you decifer your previous favorites and the current color names. My fave? Ribbon Mauve 777.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Strange Hybrid Unveiling part 2

Tuesday I attended the Strange Hybrid unveiling at Plaza Bonita here is SD. It was great! I got my 'tini and appetizer(s) on and checked out the new collection.
Usually I'm not that impressed with MAC's Spring collections because they tend to be on the pastel side and my skin can't handle the "ashiness" that accompanies.
Strange Hybrid is a good one with the punchy iris Orchidazzle that would make my granny proud ( she loves lavendar lipsticks) and my fave from the collection- Fertile eyeshadow.
While at the event I picked up some old faves like Rubywoo lipstick. I love that its Matte and its something I can put on w/o lipliner.. Just a grab n' go. Another is Lust Lipglass- the best neutral pink for my lips by far.

There are more events to come. Next up Trendshow June 2007 showcasing Nordies Summer makeup but until then I'll keep you posted with some different series...

Happy 100 post!

Happy Day! My 100th post.. I'm excited!
Thank you out there for reading and being engaged.. there will be more to come.

Thank you so much to Lipstick,Powder n'Paint for their contest last month. I won a fabulous prize that came in the mail yesterday, a great Eye palette from Bombshell