Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bobbi Brown Summer Palette

Yay for Summer Palettes!
Bobbi Brown's Sunkissed Face Palette is dreamy.. Why? because this is the first palette i've seen ( in a while) to incorporate a bronze pink for the lips. Bronze or any shade of brown for the lips.. that reminds me of the mid-nineties craze. But I think it is cool. Brown is back!
The Beachy pink colors are fab and I am really loving the Bahama Brown blush in the center. This palette is definately wearable for all... and I think its about time that cosmetic companies start accknowledging that.


Lucas Burgos said...

You're a very stylish girl.

To be honest, I don't like fashion, I think too much beautiful personalities are hidden following the capricious shapes of fashion... but anyway... your blog looks quite good… pretty… elegant, I love the colours you have chosen… the design goes perfectly with the content… that’s design, that’s communication… well done.

Lacroix said...

Thank you for your comment! - Lacroix