Thursday, April 30, 2009

NARS in Aisle 5?!

Um yeah!

This past weekend a birdie told me that there was NARS in Marshalls- my neck almost snapped!
"really, I'm going to check it out"
Well today was the day - low and behold was NARS Ginger Grapefruit Bath and Shower gel for $12. Down from the original $38.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Feet done out in Purp

Please Excuse my ET feets and my poor recessionista pedicure!

But I love OPI's Done Out In Deco, it reminds me of an easter egg and how when I was a youngin' my mother would buy string , balloons and starch for us to make easter baskets ( it was a mess, but the final product was amazing!).
Upon seeing the adverts for the South Beach collection, I didn't think anything would appeal to me- especially since I'm not into metallics or reds but this was a gem within because Its flattering without being flat much like the prized Peppermint Pattie by MAC.

What's your spring color?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Now let me introduce some friends of mine, they have been on the scene for a while but have been popping up recently- as in April's Lucky Magazine. Eco Tools.
I received the 5 piece brush set while in attendance at the Eco Chic Runway show last year.
These are excellent quality brushes for a low price ( under $10) and they can be found at your local CVS, Target or Duane Reade.

Going forward, I'm going to try to post more eco friendly beauty or fashion posts.
However, I still am not 100% on board with mineral makeup.
I haven't found a great shade match and I have sensitive skin ( back on track now).
Though I do have to say, Caudalie is favorite skin care line and its eco friendly.
The french brand knows how to treat sensitive skin- now if only they made Maquillage?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Prada Spring 09 vs. Am Ap's Le Sac


Obviously you can't get Am Ap anywhere near Prada as far as details, textures, runway and PRICE is concerned. But it can get be inspirational!

I created this look with a Nude Le Sac dress from American Apparel that I bought from the West Village, as far as Am Ap is concerned. I was told that the color is a rarity.

Now all I need are the break neck, slipper -holding stilettos to accompany my fall when I stroll through the park ( j/k).

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring tunes with Whateverishly's Coco

L: Who/What is your Spring Music inspiration?

C: Neko Case. That's pretty much all I can listen to/breathe/speak/eat. Oh, and the new Matt & Kim album.

L: 3 songs that make your flora get down with your fauna?

C: I'm not entirely sure what that means, but here are three random tunes of the moment, since all I can do otherwise is listen to Neko:


1) "Daylight"-- Matt & Kim. Matt's voice can be a bit grating at times, but I think this song really encapsulates everything right about them.


2) "Courtship Dating" Crystal's haunting and danceable at the same time. Love it since forever.


3) "Lights and Music" Cut Copy....I can't seem to ever get over this song. I've been obsessed with it for like over a year.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Look: Nars Summer 2009

This week Henri Bendel's launched the NARS Summer '09 collection.
I got my makeup done by Alex who is the account manager, needless to say- he showed me the ropes of NARS' new products and the oldies but goodies ( Nirvana anyone?).

The look I wanted to achieve was "everyday bronzey" something that would make my complexion pop- they way I looked when I came back from Hawaii this time last year.
The solution: Rapa Nui! 

Rapa Nui on the cheeks and forehead give a sunkiss to deeper skintones, plus it is sans shimmer.
For everyday- Alex recommended that I mix it with my New Guinea Foundation.

Sundance Eyeshadow Duo stood out for me, its really flattering with bronzy cheeks and Belize lipglass is the perfect topper for a subtle beach look ( Del Mar, til July shal we meet again).

Products used for my look:
Foundation: New Guinea
Loose Powder: Mountain
Bronzer: Rapa Nui
Eyeshadow Base: Isolde
Eyeshadow Lid: Scorching Sun
Eyeliner: Tropic. Kaliste
Cheek: Exhibit A
Lipliner: Kenya
Lip Color: Falapa
Lipgloss: Belize

Alex was so nice, he let me do my own face chart!

Summer Review:

Tropic was beautiful- the glitter was much too chunky for me to enjoy, I was afraid of it getting in my eye.

Irresistiblement was way too light and matte for it to be a bronzer, I was a little disappointed

I love Falapa, it was a pink mauve tone that worked really well.

I was also informed that there will be new formulas and new foundation/concealor shades that help nurture the skin in the future!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dior Spring Makeover: Twilight

I loved the makeover I received at the Saks counter but as soon as the flash went off in my camera.. it was over. I looked like an ashy vampire, dare I say Twilight?

The DiorSkin Nude foundation must have a load of titanium dioxide in it, in daylight it looks great, but I'm afraid of taking another photo.
Products used:

DiorSkin Nude in Dark Sand 051
Dior Harmonie  Blush 001
Eyeshadow 5 colour in 559
Lipliner 436
Dior Creme de Gloss in Fig Nectar

Monday, April 13, 2009

Vogue May 2009

Liya Kebede
Natalia V
Anna J
Raquel Zimmerman
Jourdan Dunn
Isabelli Fontana
Carolina Trentini
Natasha Poly
My Fave and Wild Card- Lara Stone! First ever for Vogue ( she’s never been featured in it).

3 consecutive covers in a row for models of color.

Shall we do Halle Berry for June 2009?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NARS Summer 09

I love the inventive color combos by Francois Nars! For fall it was Dolce Vita Blush ( dusty rose) with Gold shadow ( Fez), Chocolate Shadow ( Galapagos) and a peachy lippie ( Seniorita).
Summer take a turn with the Tropical with Tropic eyeshadow ( teal) a yellow/orange eyeshadow duo a new bronzer and a pale rose lipgloss:

Tropic Single Eyeshadow ( Silver Flecked-Teal)
Scorching Sun Eyeshadow Duo ( Apricot and vibrant orange)
Irresistiblement Bronzing powder (Terracotta)
Falaba Lipstick ( Bronzy Rose)
Outsider Lipstick ( Burnished Coral)
Belize Lipgloss ( Pink Mauve with Gold Flecks)
Tonga Lip pencil ( Pink amber)
Abelita Nail Polish ( Pearlescent Pink)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FOTD: Sunday Spring Sweetness

I haven't done one of these in a while- but here was my ode to the beauty that was Sunday. 
60 degrees warm and sunny while strolling through Prospect Park.

Face: NARS Balanced foundation in New Guinea with NARS loose powder in Mountain
Eyes: NARS Multiple in Mustique with Fez eyeshadow, Dior Iconic Mascara
Cheeks: Mustique Multiple with Casino Bronzer
Lips: NARS Dolce Vita lipstick