Monday, December 31, 2012

Love you 2012..Welcome 2013!

You're all I need to get by..this winter

Hoping you and yours are having a great holiday season!

I've been traveling a bit and can't wait to settle down and get back in the groove of things. Groove being the operative word as I received a turntable for Chrimbus so now I can enjoy this Diana Ross album I picked up at Amoeba Records Hollywood last week.

All music aside, winter is here and its time to do an about face with the routine. Since I've been on an award tour (with Mohammad my man..just had to add that..haha) from East coast to West Coast and back, from T-shirt and shades 76 degrees Fahrenheit down to a snowy 29 degrees Fahrenheit. I found some pretty reliable moisturizers for my oily-sensitive skin and was introduced to a new lipgloss and hand salve while in LA too.

In the morning I spritz on Caudalie Beauty Elixir after my morning cleanser and then use a pea size of ReVive Moisturizng Renewal Cream. This cream is a dream.. and very pricey for my budget but I did get this during the Barneys Love Yourself Beauty event in my dopp bag.
For the evening after cleansing I use a pea size amount of La Mer's new Moisturizing Soft Cream. I bought the soft cream during the Barneys event and I have loved it ever since. I have a good friend whose skin looks just amazing and she's been using La Mer products for years. I have been using the green gel cleanser for 10 years but have just went down the rabbit hole with the soft cream.. I might not look back!
Both morning and night routines have worked well in the crazy temps my skin has been exposed to and the dry conditions of airplanes and buses.
As for my makeup routine.. I was ecstatic to see that Fashion Valley's Sephora had Dior's Creme de Rose! This stuff is no where to be found in NYC..I dare you to name one of the 10+ Sephora's in the city that has this in stock- none, nada, zip, zilch.
Since I'm in a berry mood, I picked up the new LA Miss Lippy by Butter London while in LA. I'll have to do a full review later, the color is what you see and what you get! The gloss goes of smooth and sheer so you can layer it for depth.
Finally, I checked out a new salve/balm for my perpetually dry hands and found one with a heavenly ( sweet not saccharine) by Barr Co. Its made in St. Louis Missouri and I have to find out if they are in a retailer here in NYC. I found it at American Rag Cie in LA and I think it was one of the best finds in the store!

So this is my 2012 winter skincare routine in a nutshell. I'll have some haircare stuff soon! It should be exciting as I just made some homemade shampoo.

Have a wonderful New Years! and see you in 2013!
xo L