Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh Mahogany! Sessilee & Tyra in V Magazine- October 08

Last week at the office, a friend showed my this spread in V magazine' October issue aptly titled " I Called Her Mahogany".
I squealed, then I bought it.

I am enamored with the makeup looks in this spread! Especially Sesilee Lopez's.

She goes from one bold look to another that looks completely editorial and club ready ( for us not readily in front of the camera).
From Fire Engine Red Lips to a proper plum.

Tyra doesn't do too bad either, I love the golden look focusing on her favorite- the eyes.

In one shot she is on the cover of a Bazaar issue from 1975 and the spread says that the makeup is done by Ayako (of NARS). I would love to know the products used. A wild guess would be Black Moon Eyeliner, Exhibit A Blush and Shanghai Express Lipstick.

Plus, can you spot a Michelle Obama influence in some of these shots?


Thursday, September 25, 2008

NARS gets even more Sexier...

In the first issue I ever read of Allure magazine ( I remember it had Cindy on the cover), there was an article headline that read Sex vs. Makeup. I was instantly intrigued..and still carry on this debate to this day.
Carrying on, on October 8th Sephora will launch NARS' two new kits that coincidently marry makeup, sex and lack thereof.

The Safer Sex Kit includes an Orgasm multiple stick and 2 NARS packaged condoms.
The Safest Sex Kit includes an Orgasm multiple stick with a little black instruction guide on how to say 'No' .

A portion of the sale will go to Amfar programs to promote global safe sex education initiatives.


Check it out here

Perfect Volume

The higher the hair...for me is usually accompanied by dryness. Very unfortunate.
But after observing hair with volume sans stiff and breakage, I had to find out how my strands can 1. look good and 2. retain moisture.
Low and behold Bumble and Bumble's Thickening Spray. To the rescue, here it is and here I am!
After seeing the amazing things that this spray has contributed to on the Spring'09 runways- especially after the Frank Tell show. I was in amazement.
Last week I replaced my pre-blow dry setting spray with B&B's Thickening spray and it make my strands smooth and gave a bit of a lift that wasn't Maria Menunous tacky and not high heaven.
Another feature I wanted to check out was if it could be of value to my relaxed hair, no qualm at all!

Bumble and Bumble can be found at professional hair salons and in the city at C.O Bigelow Chemists.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back from some R&R

Sorry to leave you hanging. I'm back from some R&R.
Went to Street Scene in San Diego, saw Justice , MGMT and Beck. Hung out with friends and family... naturally inner beauty related :).

Ok now back to the beauty blogging.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chris Benz Spring'09, NARS Cosmetics


The Chris Benz Spring '09 show makeup has to be the most flattering, upbeat look I've seen since the smokey eye!
As seen on the models in his show, Spring is sun-shiny and flirty with yellow-gold tones on the eyes , dewy burnished cheeks and nude lips.

Check out the details on the looks below from Nars makeup Artist Ayako and take notes for the products that launch in the spring. Let the countdown begin!

Apply NARS Firming Foundation where needed, to cover skin imperfections
Apply The Multiple in Portofino to cheeks
Apply a small amount of NARS Loose Powder to entire face to set the base
With NARS Blush Brush blend both sides of Duo Blush in Hungry Heart (new for Spring 2009), sweeping across entire cheek
Apply a generous amount of NARS Concealer to entire eyelid, to help color stick
Apply NARS Highlighting Blush Powder in Albatross to entire lid, extending up to eyebrows
Press NARS Single Eyeshadow in Night Sun (new for Spring 2009) over entire lid and up to brow, letting gold particles fall down onto cheeks
With NARS Eyebrow Pencils, fill in brows for a soft finish
Apply a small amount of NARS Concealer to lip
Use Lipliner Pencil in Fantasia to tone down lip color
Apply NARS Lip Gloss in Sweet Revenge (new for Spring 2009) to entire lip

Info from

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Backstage: Frank Tell RTW Spring '09

NY Fashion Week thus far has been a whirlwind to say the least.
Yesterday I was backstage at Frank Tell's show. The look was flirty, party and seductive.
Gina Crozier for M.A.C supplied the models with doll-like lashes accented with a feather lower lash and heavy liner. The cheeks were done with a delicate hand with a coral pop, lips where a rosy pink gloss.
With everything going on backstage, photographers, stylist Keegan Singh, interns ..I hoped to take a good picture of the looks..but I failed. I got a preliminary backstage photo and am working on more photos from the show. and Lacroix