Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh Mahogany! Sessilee & Tyra in V Magazine- October 08

Last week at the office, a friend showed my this spread in V magazine' October issue aptly titled " I Called Her Mahogany".
I squealed, then I bought it.

I am enamored with the makeup looks in this spread! Especially Sesilee Lopez's.

She goes from one bold look to another that looks completely editorial and club ready ( for us not readily in front of the camera).
From Fire Engine Red Lips to a proper plum.

Tyra doesn't do too bad either, I love the golden look focusing on her favorite- the eyes.

In one shot she is on the cover of a Bazaar issue from 1975 and the spread says that the makeup is done by Ayako (of NARS). I would love to know the products used. A wild guess would be Black Moon Eyeliner, Exhibit A Blush and Shanghai Express Lipstick.

Plus, can you spot a Michelle Obama influence in some of these shots?



IbisCaraib said...

Its a great spread. Makes me want to go out and rent the movie. The lipstick Tyra's wearing in the last pic is fire!

juvenescent said...

Yeah, I got to check it out, it's dope.(do people still say that?)