Saturday, November 14, 2009

5ave 5 of '09- The Fabulous Faye W.

Faye hails from London and has lived in Soho, NYC for the past 3 years. She has "fallen completely in love - with the city, my friends, the fashion, the music, the lifestyle, my daily spin classes, the experimental nature of expression and the ability to try anything to see whether it works, or fits, or simply feels right for that day only."

Faye also has the most amazing eyelashes! I asked for tips on how she gets her lashes to be so full that all your attention is drawn to her eyes- she uses YSL's Le Faux Cils!

" I love being able to create a style and be particular about preferences when it comes to products, and being able to be a girly girl as well as not feel guilty about the me time. I'm also pretty particular when it comes to my fitness and beauty routine and Manhattan allows me to do that without feeling too OCD! But maybe its all relative....."

Here is Faye's 5ave 5 of '09:

Hair - I have used George Michael Medora Long Hair products for about 6 years now - you can buy them at the Madora Long Hair Haven on Madison and 49th, the Long Hair Clinic in London, or order over the internet (which is good for me and my 3 block rule at the weekend!). Its a 3 step product with combinations of shampoo, 60 second conditioner and a creme rinse. The system completely eliminates static and is really good for your hair, preventing build up on your scalp, and smells good too - it can be used for long hair like mine, coloured, straightened, or shorter styles. I also love the 12 minute conditioner which I apply to my dry hair either a few minutes before the shower, or for a special treat, before bed so it has 6-8 hours to soak in before a wash.

Nails - I'm a fan of Essie - Licorice, Chinchilly, Midnight Cami, and occaisinally a little Wicked. Anything dark without sparkle to be honest!

Skin - Being a Brit, I have used [Boots] Number 7 products since I was 11 or 12, and the latest serum, Protect and Perfect, is a wonder. Outselling most competitors in the UK when it was launched it was limited to 1 tube per customer at Boots, the largest national drugstore chain. Now available at Target, I use it every morning underneath daily moisteriser and love it. As do a few of my male friends who have been tempted to try it - and its super affordable, leaving a few dollars spare to spend on the Creme de la Mer nightcream!

Fragrance - I'm currently wearing Ambree by Prada, love it, although have committment issues when it comes to my scent... Jo Malone's orange blossom is also great and reminds me of Christmas holidays with my family in the snowy mountains of Switzerland.... bliss

Cosmetics - I'm a MAC girl, love my satin lipstick - Faux. But I am never without my mascara - I love Le Faux Cils by YSL in number 3 (bright blue) as well as black, but Maybelline's Colossal Volume Express in black is pretty good, too. I literally layer it on - 3-4 coats on each eye every day...

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