Wednesday, November 25, 2009

5ave 5 of '09: Graizzy Bear Anna!

Anna G. is a blogger and project manager living in NYC. She yet to cease in obsessing over Lykke Li and Grizzly Bear for the past two years, and her favorite film is a tie between Pee Wee's Big Adventure and The Shining.

: When all else fails (which is, well, everything), I use Frederick Fekkai Glossing Cream. It's probably the only product besides Davine's Oil Non-Oil (which I can't find ANYWHERE for some reason) that actually makes my thick, frizzy, unruly hair slightly less horrific-looking.

: Whatever red color I get at the nail place. I prefer to leave my nails to the professionals, otherwise I end up looking like a deranged 5-year old painted my nails (i.e. me).

: Neutrogena anti-wrinkle, anti-blemish scrub. It makes me feel like I'm not still a teen and yet not a weird older lady trying to fight wrinkles, yet it incidentally fights wrinkles, if that's even possible. It's not. But, whatever, I guess at least I don't use the exact products hawked by some Disney channel asshole.

: Michael Kors. Though I was hesitant at first to buy something so closely associated with the nouveau riche aesthetic from the mindspace of a man who is, apparently, orange, this shit smells pretty good. It became an instant classic for me. However, I may soon try out YSL's Parisienne. It smells like a wilted rose in the best way possible-- a more sophisticated balance of floral and warmer, deeper notes. Almost smells like Prada cologne, but more subtly sweet and much more rich.

: Aside from my new favorite Givenvchy lipstick I got on my birthday, I love my Nars duo blush/bronzer in Sin/Casino. If used with a large brush, you can easily adjust the levels on each, making it a go-to item year-round.

Photo by: Driven By Boredom

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