Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nars' New (deep) foundation shades!



What a difference a few months make! Back in February, Aja Mangum wrote a great article in on her foundation finding adventures at the most sought after cosmetics lines, many of which I discuss here.

Lo and behold, someone answered our prayers at Nars!
I was told today (at the Nordies Cosmetics Trendshow no less) by Nars artist Jennifer that there are new shades to suit deep skintones. Yay! Unfortunately, Nordies didn't carry them
 (and sadly Hawaii is too red on me) but, Sephora did!

Though the stores my get some in a few weeks, you can check out New Orleans, New Guinea, Benares,Trinidad and Tortuga on here.


Info on the Spring Trendshow coming soon!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Neo Sci Fi Review

My much anticipated hype for MAC's Neo Sci Fi collection was that of the New Indiana Jones.. and both have let me down.

Based on the swatches on Specktra, I expected a glimmer of hope and then when I hit my Nordies counter and tried on my product of lemming- Solar Riche, I was bitterly disappointed. I found myself saying, "How can this be a bronzer and its comparable to Smooth Harmony Beauty powder?" The SA looked at me like I was crazy but I didn't care. Maybelline makes a bronzer deeper than this and its half the price. This summer I want to look like Liya Kebede in the LV ads from 2004..golden copper bronze like the Heat collection years ago!
Since I am not a big fan of eyeshadows, I skipped them but I did find Magnetic Fields to be a decent deep eyeshadow- something I can put in t he bag for an on the go moment and sweep on with my pinkie.
On to the lippies& lipglasses- Pleasureseeker looked promising, but it reminded me of Cresent lipglass from last year but in different form.
Electro looked cool, but where was I going to wear it?
The lipglasses- Pink Grapefruit was too frosty.
The blushes Orange/Peach blush was too ashy on my skin and the other reminded me of Mountain High so I passed.

So what did I end up getting? Volcanic Ash Exfoliator!
This is the best facial scrub since my Neutragena one I use daily. It smells devine- burnt sugar and ash ( no really, it smells great) and it left my skin so smooth with out the burning sensation that I get from other scrubs. I definately need to stock up on this because word on the street is .. its just that damn good too.

What are your thoughts on this collection?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mama's got some new nails!

I'm not a big fan of nail polishes, I don't really go out of my way to look for new colors or even wear them regularly. But I swear, the OPI India collection has been caught my eye (and nails).
I really adored Curry up don't be late because I was determined to rock a yellow-gold nail for Spring Summer. Then I saw Lunch at the Delhi and was in love.
An extra added plus ( sorry I am a nail polish newbie) was the little set that Lunch at the Delhi came in, it included I'm India Mood for love ( next up to wear),Black Cherry Chutney and the Fast Dry Top Coat ( which is not all talk.. this stuff works!).
My inspiration to rock Lunch at the Delhi subcontiously came from the Dior Resort collection for sure ( that and I had a pool party to go to on Sat, I wanted to kitsch it up!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

MAC's California Dreamin'

and so am I.

This lipstick is my lemming and the chances of me getting this lipstick is slim to none.
What's so special about this lipstick? It is a California exclusive lipstick that you will get if you are the very lucky few to receive the California Dreamin' postcard. Talk about a Willy Wonka experience here.

I am anxiously awaiting my postcard.... here that MAC?

Photos and info courtesy of and noahlowryfan

Friday, May 23, 2008

Free Dior Lipstick at Nordstrom

and who doesn't love free?

In June's Allure magazine ( Jessica Alba on the cover) check out the Dior Confessions of a Beauty director page ( the page opposite of the feature on Lake Bell) that features our girl Kari Larsen, Nordstrom's beauty director.
Take the page to your Nordies Dior Counter for a free Dior Rouge mini lipstick in a cool summer pink shade.

Go with the quickness as free = rapidly depleating supply.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Paris Vogue June/July' 08

Beauté du Jour Noemie Lenoir is featured on the cover of Paris Vogue's June/July Gallic issue. Also featured, one of my faves from the 90's, Laetitia Casta.
I can't wait for the editorials and articles highlighting France..don't you think it will be reminicent of American Vogue?
This will be my lemming along with the Italian Vogues summer issue.
Fun fact: they have both been in Asterix and Obelix films.

Photo and info from

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blogdorf Goodman's Poll- Tuesday, May 20th

Fragrance of the Day: MAC Greenify

Lippie of the Day: YSL's Rouge Personnel unicorn

Nail Polish: Chanel Boa, Hot Fuschia pink to lift the spirits

Lemming: Chanel Rodeo Drive Nail me some purple

Current Reading: GMAT prep books, good 'ol exponents.

Beauty Releases that you are looking forward to: MAC's Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, MAC's mineralized blushes

How did you spend your surplus check: Bills!

Favorite part of Gossip Girl season finale:" I didn't sleep with her but might as well"..wha??!!

Song that will not leave my head: Foux de fa fa- Flight of the Conchords

Stuff you want from the Sephora Catalog: Nars Galapagos shadow

Favorite Eyeshadow of the Moment: MAC's Nile

Favorite Board on Makeupalley:The review board

Tears dry on their own

This has been a really trying month for me..I can't wait 'til its over.
I haven't shed so many tears as I have in the last 3 weeks.
Frankly the only thing that makes me happy aside from my little brother's birthday at the end of this month, and the trendshow on the 31st is waking up to my Paris Vogue calendar where Isabelli Fontana is the framed face of Mai.

My saving face to brave going into work everyday is Loreal Skin Genesis serum.. kid you not, it eliminates the puffiness around my eye area and calms my tempered stressed skin.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Giorgio Armani's Face Fabric Review

How I love thee..let me count the ways!

I am enamored by this foundation, GA's face fabric is light, airy and unlike anything I have seen on the market ( both high and low).

The texture is texture-less and the coverage is light. The color range is a plus considering 3 of the shades are highlighters. I didn't have to face the dreaded in between shades factor because number 8 was too red but number 6 was seamless.
Is this the first foundation that I don't have to mix? Yes.
I can definitely see myself basking in the summer with this and bundling for fall with it too!
I give it a 10 out of 10..stellar!

Dior Resort 2009- Review

I see punchy, pool lounge colors that remind me of pin curls and pink flamingos.
Definately campish, but brazen with the essence of "viva la woman".

I can't wait to try out the winged eye and arched eyebrow. The gloss that looks comparable to the ones featured would be YSL's Golden Gloss in Fuschia (#9).

While the clothes are adorable, they definately take a back seat to the look Pat Mcgrath achieved here. Especially on the lovely women of color who walked the show, Jordan Dunn, Chanel Iman, Alek Wek and last week new commer (in the literal sense and absolutely amazing) Arlenis Pena.

Thank you Galliano for featuring beauties that are in a collection that embodies classic americana where as most designers would think that this would be far fetched.


Friday, May 9, 2008

YSL Matte Touche Foundation Review

As you know, I have oily skin and living in warm conditions where within 15 minutes of me cleaning my face, I already have an oil slick on my nose- I need something to help me do dewy instead of gooey.

I cruised to my Nordies in Fashion Valley and checked out some new foundation formulas but since I am partial to YSL, I decided to journey to the counter first.

Their new foundation is the YSL Matte Touche. A slim tube that comes in 12 shades.
Here is the rundown:

- The texture is that of Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse sans the ashiness.
- The color range is bizarre, the jump from 11 to 12 is about 3 shades, but once it settles on skin it looks great.
- When testing color and wiping my hand with a tissue, the titanium dioxide shows- there were streaks of color residue ( moisturize before applying product).

I would give this product a 6/10. Its lovely for the warm temperatures but kinda reminds me of the 90's matte fixation.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nordstrom Cosmetics Trend Show- May 31st

That's right Ladies and Ladies,
Its that time again and the first for this year. Fashion Valley Nordstrom is having their Cosmetics Trend Show on Saturday May 31st.
I can't wait to see Mrs. Kari Larsen MC the show again , she is my absolute fave plus the vibe is that of Oprah's holiday show.
What am I looking forward to:

* Nars's new collection (cometh here Mindgame)
* MAC's Neo Sci-Fi, Future Earth and Solar Field Collections (Solar Riche make me glow)
* Phyto, Phyto, Phyto!
* Spending time with great friends..aww

Get your ticket($15= redeemable in product=a steal)and book your appointment Pronto! and get to the West entrance at 7:30am.. and be knee deep in MAC heads, Chanel Glossimers and Bobbi Brown Beauties!

As a prelude, check out Sex and the City the movie on Friday the 30th.

Make it a girls weekend!

P.S. Kari Larsen is featured in the June Allure Magazine in the Dior Confidential page..sweet