Monday, April 28, 2008

Black Beauty- Vogue Italy covers it!

Rumors are swirling and today it was confirmed that Liya shot with Mario Testino for the upcoming All-black issue of Vogue Italia.

The mag is set to be a summer issue with some info leaked about the seasoned and newer models that will be featured.
What do I have to say about this? Pre-order with your bookstore if you can!
I'm anticipating a great turn out in the community, after all I believe the models of color are the most memorable.
Let's see if Vogue US will jump on the band wagon.. I tease, I tease
Who would you love to see in the issue?


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mother's Day gifts- part 1

what do you get for the woman who has everything? things like: not enough time in a day, not enough hands for the kids, not enough "me "time.
Give her a break! and goodies for all of her hard earned efforts.

Unique and classic fragrances are a start, my new fave that I plan on sharing with mom is YSL's Elle. I discovered the floral-musky fragrance while in Paris last year and now I indulge in the fragrance.

YSL has some great Mother's Day goodies and an even greater deal going on- free shipping on all orders over $80.
Get mom the Mother's Day Coffret with the Elle Fragrance and Body lotion while you can spoil yourself with the Elle charm with the solid fragrance and a fuchsia gloss that you can attach to your bag or your keychain.

Check out the specials at

YSL's Summer '08

Warm, exotic, African summer shades..that I can't wait to get my hands on!
Every collection brings a new trinket that is filled with a limited edition shade that gets me hooked. This season brings the Soleil D'Afrique, a 30th anniversary collector jewel made of exotic natural wood.

This summer YSL's Summer beats most of the collections out there with the introduction of their new Palette Couleurs D'Afrique in blatant complementary shades.

Gloss Repulpant ( Glossy Lip Plumper in SPF 10 ) comes in 2 new shades: Glossy Nude and Glossy Candy

I love YSL's lip plumper, color, consistency and the smell is great, can't wait to try the new shades.
Plus I am a huge fan of YSL's color range and how it favors my skin tone.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My May "can't wait" lemming

is Giorgio Armani face fabric!

I love my foundations, but I'm in the market for something that is a little dewy, everyday and takes less prep ( sans brush application).

Mid May GA will be launching Face Fabric ( it is currently up on but I'm going to check it out in my local store, so far what I have read is what I am in the market for.

-SPF ( check, SPF 12)
-Second Skin ( double check)
-Skintone ( blank)

Tis why I have to see these in person. The online store does give a glimpse into the shades that are available but skintone availability is a must.

"Do you have a first- aid kit handy?"

What an appropriate opening line for Damaged- hair!
Rather the prevention of Damaged Hair.

Right now I know a lot of you are on the cusp of Spring/Summer, Dryness/ Humidity and Working/ Vacation (I am actually on the latter in Kauai right now ).

Before I left for vaca, I stocked up on some goods at Sephora. I got my usual Phyto for my relaxed clavicle length hair and I picked up a newbie Ojon Restorative hair treatment. Now I heard alot of great things with Ojon and how well it moisturizes your hair and the whole nine ( in print) but have never experienced it for my self.
Now is the time.
Since I have been here on the island, I'm shocked my hair has withstood mild humidity, Surfing and Swimming but it still needs tlc.
About approximately two hours ago, I applied Ojon's treatment to my hair and read and watched tv. After a nice Shampoo and Condition, my hair is unbelievably soft! I'm really excited because, I thought my hair would be brittle from all the exposure to the elements but it was the exact opposite. RIght now my hair is wrapped, air-drying and sharing with you.

Check it out at or at Ulta.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

MAC..the final frontier with Neo-Sci Fi

The first time I saw the images from MAC's upcoming 3 part summer collection, Neo Sci-Fi, Future Earth and Solar Field- I immediately asked a friend what Star Trek episode did this campaign come from. Sure enough, he informed me of 3 possible episodes involving women from other planets looking like the girls.

Again, initially I remembered that the campaign looked campy...then I saw the products and realized that they are my new lemming.

One of the reasons for the attraction is that Sisslee Lopez is one of the campaign models, the last model of color for MAC was Alek Wek for the Stylistics collection back in November, the one before..probably the girl from Belle Azure.
My point, I want to see a model of color and know that I can wear the same shades as her. This collection is right on point. Given that I am MAC's :N9, NW45, YSL's Mocha and Bobbi Brown's 7.5. The peaches, oranges, nudes, tans, browns and bronzes celebrates and will accentuate my tone.

The Neo Sci-Fi, Future Earth and Solar Field launch on May 29th.
Neo Sci- Fi consists of:

4 Lipglasses:

Naked Space
Pink Grapefruit
Soft and Slow

4 Lipsticks:


5 Eyeshadows:

Magnetic Fields
Femme Fi
Evening Aura
Time and Space
Expensive Pink

Sheertone Shimmer Blush:

Space Out

Nail Lacquers:
Metalist l
Plasma Blu
Neon 8

Solar Field consists of the highly anticipated Solar Bits! ( more to come on those) and 2 bronzers( Solar Riche and Refined Golden), one of which is #1 on my lemming list Solar Riche.

Future Earth is volcanic rock infused skincare ( Mask and Scrub) with a tinted moisturizer/ lipscrub comb.

Many Thanks to for Photos and product details.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yes, Pearferably Marc

Last week after going through some excruciating, back-breaking GMAT study time. I mosed over to my local UTC Nordies and was introduced to Marc Jacob's Pear and Grapefruit Splashes.
After testing both: Pear on left, Grapefruit on right. I then walked away and decided to grab a bite to eat. While waiting for my turkey -cranberry, I imitated the fools in the Axe Body commercial and proceeded to smell my hands as if they were orchids. Pear spoke my language(s) both english and quasi-french and whispered sweet somethings..aww.While Grapefruit lingered and got all fresh with me.
I was stoked, considering I am infact allergic to Marc Jacob's Daisy- that not one but two of his fragrances will take me to my place of frag-lightenment.
Bonus: not only did I run back and purchase Pear ..(for now), but I hit the Jacob-pot! I got a free makeup tote for my purch.

Just Sweet!