Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Review and Swatches

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Swatches Ambre 104,134 and 154 on hand

Thanks to, I first heard of Chanel's new Perfection Lumiere Foundation. I stopped into Saks Fifth Ave and Simone helped me explore the new line.
Chanel Perfection Lumiere Ambre 104, 134 and 154 Swatches
 Perfection Lumiere is described as a naturally looking, everyday long wear foundation suitable for all skin types and the first foundation by Chanel to have a range of 20 shades.
Out of the 20, there are about 5 shades that are great for women of color that are in the Ambre category: Ambre 94, 104, 114, 134 and 154. The numerical value of these shades are no indication of the shade depth in this range. For instance, as seen in the photo at the top, Ambre 104 fits me well but when I tried Ambre 114 it was about 2 shades lighter (more yellow) on my skin.
I found that Ambre 134 had a red undertone and Ambre 154 had a brown neutral undertone and my shade match, Ambre 104 has an orange undertone.
After testing the swatches on my face ( I actually walked around the whole evening with them on) I didn't get the sense that I was wearing anything on. Usually after 2-3 hours, I can feel the effects of coverage as my skin gets oily but I didn't have a problem here, so far. I will need to test it when I go a full day and with more coverage.
Overall I'm impressed so far, its tough because summer is winding down and typically Fall is when my skin calms down where as Summer was not a great moment for wearing foundation at all but I'd be curious to see if Perfection Lumiere can stand the NYC heat and humidity.
I hope that the shade range is just a taste of whats to come for Chanel Beauty in relation to its facial cosmetic line.


BougieBrownGirl said...

This was very helpful. I use the matt lumiere but I have to mix colors because of the limited selection. I def have to head to bloomies tomorrow.

Lacroix said...

You're very welcome Bougie! (Love your name!). For Mat Lumiere, have you tried calling some stores for it?
Perf Lum has a really great range so you probably won't need to create a color combo.

Ava said...

Thanks for your review! I wore Perfection Lumiere for couple of days in Washington, DC's hot humid days. A combination of oily skin and humidity caused PL to actually pool in droplets on my forehead. I plan to try it when it's less humid here and my skin is dryer. Before the pooling it looked beautiful. Beige 60 looked good, but Beige Ambre 44 was better by adding luminosity.

Lacroix said...

You're Welcome Ava! Like you, I have oily skin too. I actually started to use a toner on my skin and then mix PL with a primer. It stopped the oilies from appearing so soon.

Ava said...

Which toner and primer are you using? Thanks!

Lacroix said...

For toner I use Chanel's Lotion Purete and then mix a very small amount of Laura Mercier's foundation primer with PL on the back of my hand and apply with my fingers on my face. :)