Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashions Night Out Exclusive: Les Jeans de Chanel Vernis Swatches

As you already know, I am a HUGE fan of Chanel's nail colors ( Vernis, if you will) and made the Chanel SoHo store my first Fashion's Night Out stop. Both of Chanel's boutiques had free mini manicures featuring the Les Jeans Collection or you can choose from the other nail color favorites, among the shades, Black Satin, Particuliere and Vendetta to name a few.

At about 5:15pm small lined formed and I got in it as I wanted to check out the manicure situation first prior to purchase. Especially, how well Coco Blue compares to Riva ( for reference, I love Riva! Its really stands out on my skin and looks beautiful!).
From top down: Coco Blue, Blue Rebel and Blue Boy

The Les Jeans de Chanel color hues are as follows:
Coco Blue- Opaque Baby Blue, no shimmer.
Blue Boy- Medium Blue Grey, like a standard wash jean
Blue Rebel- Dark Blue Indigo

At 6:10pm the doors opened and I started to get manicured. I chose a combination of the three nail colors using Coco Blue on four nails and Blue Jean on the ring finger of my left hand and Blue Rebel on the ring finger of my right hand.. normally I wouldn't do this but the manicurist assured it was "trendy".
Later on in the night, a friend commented that Coco Blue looked like Hard Candy's Sky from back in the day when Drew Barrymore was all about HC and the jelly rings that came with the nail polish.
I found that I really liked Blue Jean, its purely unique and universally flattering, it was also the shade that I saw the most ladies sporting throughout the evening.
Also, thinking back I would have loved to pick up Dior's denim nail color but Dior's nail colors, like Chanel's, sells out with the quickness.

On another note, these colors were a bit more pricier than the other LE's and exclusives as they were $29 each.

** Coco Riva vs. Coco Blue
Coco Riva has been courted as a Robin's Egg Blue where as Coco Blue is 2-3 shades cooler in tone, pretty close to a sky blue.
Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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