Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Laduree and Beauty time!

Ladureé NYC

Mmm Macarons!
After studying accounting and econ in the library for 4 plus hours, I made my way to the newly opened Laudrée for some Macarons! Lauduree just opened here in the city about two weeks ago and along with the opening came the line of devote Macaron lovers!  Prior to this experience, my only brush with Laudreé was their Brioche and Glazed Chestnut candles that I picked up at Opening Ceremony earlier this year.
Luckly, the line wasn't so bad, I stood for a good 15 minutes before heading inside and picking up a small gift box of Macarons. These babies are a definite treat but something I won't be having regularly.
But since its Sunday and I've finished my homework, I'm ready to enjoy some Macarons, watch the new season of SNL, put in a hair mask and lacquer up my nails.
Its been about 3 weeks since I have done my nails and am in between choosing something fall-ish or something fun. Aww, we'll see.
How are you enjoying your Sunday afternoon?

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