Saturday, January 29, 2011

MAC Soho Wonderwoman Pop-up shop

Just when I thought that nothing great can come of a snowy winter's day drudging along Soho comes MAC's Wonderwoman pop-up shop!
The newly renovated MAC Soho location is currently home of the new Wonderwoman collection as well as the regular line's favorites. Plus this is the only location to have the full Wonderwoman collection about 2 weeks from the official launch on February 10th.
I did manage to pick up the new giant sized lipglass in Wonderwoman, a sheer apple red with shimmer and the re-packaged Russian Red lipstick.
This new collection comes with an increase in pricing as well. According to my receipt the lipglass is $20 and dually noted as " large", the size is .37 oz compared to the standard .17 oz. The lipstick was $15.50 and I'm sure that the special packaging also attributes to the price increase as well.

The unveiling is coming up next week where I will have full collection coverage, at the Soho pop-up I found that not all of the collection was in its encasing. Until then, enjoy the photos!

disclaimer: all products photographed were purchased by me

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Top 10 Favorite Valentine's Day 2011 Lipcolors

February is next week and now is the time to get your reservation in order for Valentine's day 2011. Before you know it the scramble will be on to prep for an evening out! Whether it be with your girls at Karaoke or a rom com at the theatre, you want your lips to be the focal point of the 14th.
With that, we have gawked, gossiped, tested and sworn by the following lip colors , both lipsticks and lipglosses included to provide a guide to navigating your cupid's bow for the next most anticipated holiday after ringing in the New Year, Valentine's day!

Here are our faves:

10. Clinique Different Lipstick- Tenderheart
This pinky-nude rouge is a Clinique staple and a starter universal shade, the formula glides on for a MLBB look (my lips but better).
Where to wear: On your OK Cupid blind date at the Brooklyn Bowl. Less talk, more strikes.

9. NARS Lipstick- Love Devotion
Sheer guava stains aren't for the faint at heart but more for the expressive, creative soul whose heart thrives on discovery.
Where to wear: Where lipcolor imitates art! A night out at the museum- MOMA, MOCA, Guggenheim , Whitney, whatever your choice, your lips will surely compliment.

8. MAC Lipstick- Desire
Sheer berry lips are vampy not campy and pair well with a bronze shadow (MAC Sable) and muted dusty pink blush (MAC Harmony) for an easily put together look for a casual night on the town.
Where to wear: At a Wine Bar with friends!
7. Hard Candy Painted Lady Manic Lipshine- Cupid
Bright candy apple lips= fun , LOL adventure for Valentine's day evening burst out of the rut of a day of waiting for an evening of tears of joy.
Where to wear: UCB theatre, The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, seek out new comedy acts that are sure to get you so happy you will cry.

6. Rimmel Vinyl Lip in Snog
The name says it all! This nude shade has a slight hint of mint, not a bad feature to have if you are out to dinner, plus- no look application as this too is universally flattering.
Where to wear: To a dinner date! the color and formula are sure to make a pleasant conversation post dinner happen.
5. Chanel Rouge Allure- Lover
This stand out Ruby Red will create the statement lip that will sing in your praises- how about "Hey lover, this is more than a crush?"
Where to wear: Singing Karaoke or playing Rock Band with your friends.

4. MAC PRO Long wear Lip cream in Perpetual Flame
Lip color that doesn't budge, check. Poppy pink- cranberry color, check. Now all you need is some chocolate to mellow you out, double check!
Where to wear: Chocolate shop or at a cozy cafe, yes, its still winter but this pop of color is like a sundial countdown clock to Spring freedom.

3. Lancome Color Design lipstick in Lucky Kiss

A plum tone like this deserves a role in Drama. This creamy color is a smooth on the lips and the color is 80% business with the rest being fun.
Where to wear: Watching an Oscar nominated flick or any film for that matter. Get in on your fantasy Academy Award winners and wait to see your results at the awards show.

2. Mary Kay Creme Lipstick- Berry Kiss
Shimmery shouldn't be reserved just for Divas, it can be an everyday wear! This color packs a shimmer berry punch that puts glamour back into your evening routine.
Where to wear: Watching RuPaul's Drag Race with the girls, no wig snatching required.

1. Clarins Joli Rouge- Cupid Red

Bright blue based reds are in need for a musical evening, play coy and meet a stranger or just go with it..
Where to wear: To a concert, check local listings for your favorite nationally touring act or find a local band or group to listen too.

Happy Valentine's day! I hope these lippies and where to wear them will inspire your V-day week and beyond!

Friday, January 21, 2011

90's Raisin Revival with Chanel's Obscure

It's snowing! I'm hibernating wearing a fauxry lined hoodie all while watching the snow come down outside. It's time to reminisce about the mid-1990's!
Ringer neck tee's, terrycloth shirts, Doc Martin's while watching My So-Called Life on Monday nights.
Additionally appropriate for the occasion, a raisin toned lipstick. With it being all 90's nostalgic and all, I break out my newly acquired Obscure Rouge Allure from the Noirs Obscurs collection. The color is very similar to a color stick I used wear from The Body Show. The name escapes me but I do know that I used to pick it up regularly along with my Dewberry lotion.
When the Noirs Obscurs collection came out in 2009, I remember swatching the lipsticks but being told by an SA that the colors were tough to wear but try to stick with Obscure since it had a brown base. Sadly, at the time of the launch, Saks Fifth Ave was sold out and so was everyone else. In November I found it on and finally I broke it out.
I love the color, it rounds out my whole "Snow- time machine day" by adding the element of the R&B lipcolor of the time. Remember how Lauren Hill and Mary J Blige rocked similar hued lips?
Oh what fun!

disclaimer: product was purchased by me.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jourdan Dunn in YSL's Spring 2011 Beauty Campaign

Jourdan Dunn is the new Spring 2011 face of Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat beauty campaign. Hopefully this campaign won't be her last for YSL beauty, Karlie Kloss has been the main face of brand for the past two seasons and we look forward to Jourdan's return to fashion!
How do you like this campaign?

photo: Fashionologie via

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nicki Minaj Covers V Mag in Chanel Beaute

V Magazine's Spring 2011 issue is out right now.
As I thumbed through the mag and got to the cover photography (Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin) and Styling ( George Cortina) credits, I couldn't help but notice that Nicki's makeup was done by none other than Peter Philips for Chanel!
Although Chanel's Inimitable Intense Mascara in Noir is used on Ms. Minaj's eyes, I would really like to know what lipstick she is wearing?
Hopefully its a hint for what's to come for either Chanel's Rouge Coco or Rouge Allure.
** crossing fingers!**

MAC Wonderwoman- February 10th

Upon hearing of this collection back in July, I'm been super excited for any information on this.
Finally, some information is available! The MAC Wonderwoman collaboration will release in the US on February 10th!
More information will be coming soon!

photo: press release

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is Beyonce wearing Chanel Riva?

Hmm.. the color looks nice on her too!

Fragrance Diary: Balenciaga Paris

On January 10th, I decided to chronicle my day of wearing Balenciaga's Eau de Parfum. While I'm usually drawn to citrus notes, the floral notes of the Cypre Violet in Balenciaga made the fragrance a bit edgy and classic for me.. as if I needed to experience a taste of modern sophistication. After receiving a sample sized ( .25 fl .oz) from my mother two months ago, I decided to document my journey throughout the day.

8:15am- Just finished putting on my brown fur-lined Uggs and reach for Balenciaga. I apply 2 small dabs onto both of my inner wrists and an amount from my pinkie to my neck as I make a dash out the door.
Hello Floral! I would have never guessed, the scent smells like it could melt a hard edge and make it soft.

10:54am- At my cubical, I think that the floral has subsided a bit and is now letting a powdery note shine. I imagine that Balenciaga's fragrance friends would be YSL's Parisienne and Narciso Rodriguez' Essence and they would both be lunching possibly at Balthazar having frites and moules. Fragrances lunching together.. haha that's so silly right?
Must make green tea.

1:17pm- The scent is still linger, its after lunch so I'm sneaking whiffs my gently rubbing my palm to my nose. I hope I don't accidentally rub the fragrance that is on my nose!

5:20pm- I'm impressed, the smell is faint but I like it. I'll definitely continue to use.

disclaimer: I received this product as a birthday gift from my mother.
Thanks Mom!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Skin 2011: Philosophy's Purity Facial Cleanser

Simplicity is key when after a long day with up to 6 hours of optimal sunlight and you are perpetually in sleep mode as the air turns arctic and the word "snow" is uttered by everyone.
Yes, all I want to do is hibernate, but before I can do so, I must get rid of the daily environmental ruminants that are on my face.
The last thing that you need to worry about is mascara that won't budge when you are trying to get it off or blush and foundation stains on the bathroom sink from a battle lost from a seasonal cleanser.
Luckily for me I have placed some faith in Philosophy's Purity facial cleanser, had I not have tested it in a store, I probably wouldn't have thought it was for me.
It has a list of things that I thought would not pertain to me, such as, its creamy.
What? me? oily skin, needs a cream to get skin clean?
Yes, actually, Its quite effective at helping calm my slick skin and washing off my makeup in under 5 minutes. Nice!

disclaimer: product was purchased by me

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Hair 2011: Sulfate Free Shampoo

I feel like lately there has been a lot of information about sulfates in shampoos. Even back when I was a teen and seeing a hair dresser, they told my mom to find sulfate-free shampoo to cut back on the dryness. In the 90's it was hard to find shampoos that were sulfate- free and in the family budget. Now, there are over 500 shampoos on the market and many that are in supermarkets but less than a handful are sulfate-free. Whats up with that?
So what is the big deal with sulfates in shampoos?
For one, sulfates can cause dryness and as a woman with relaxed hair and dry scalp, the last thing I need is extra dryness, especially in the winter!
There is a long list of great sulfate free shampoos, I encourage you to look up and see which SLS free shampoos would work for you. I've heard great things about John Masters Organics Shampoos but while browsing Whole Foods last month, I decided to try Avalon Organics Lavender Nourishing Shampoo.
The results have been quite a change since I'm so used to suds galore, now there are little to no suds and upon the rest of the hair care routine ( conditioning and blow drying), I saw little to know dandruff flakes from my scalp. This could come from a number of new changes to my hair routine but what I'm seeing so far is working!

disclaimer: product was purchased by me

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday to LTBB!

Yes, its our 4th birthday weekend and we are celebrating in snow style!

So, what are we going to do?

-Enjoy the snow and take tons of pictures!

-Catch up on swatches for your viewing pleasure.

- Have a cup of Vosges Bianca cocoa.

Thank you for all the love!

xoxo L

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter Hair 2011: Phytospecific Revitalizing Treatment

It didn't occur to me it was winter until last week, seriously! Late November to mid-December, the weather has been bearable her in NYC, but last week came like a brick wall. While my friends were stuck stranded on the highways with snow up to their knees, I was enjoying the temporary mid day heat of Las Vegas for a few days and came back to the arctic ice rink weather of NYC in the latter part of the week.
Pre-holiday vacation, I started amping up on hair care for my strand survival, primarily through pre-treatments and experimenting with sulfate and paraben free shampoo ( will have more info in the next post). With that said, a few weeks ago I was encouraged by a friend to try Phyto's Phytospecific Revitalizing Treatment as a pre-treatment, pre- shampoo moisturizer to use while watching an episode of Veronica Mars on instant Netflix and before my hair treatment ritual.
I've now been using the treatment for more than a month, both before shampooing and as an SOS when my strands are dry and I have to say that this oil has worked wonders.
Since using the treatment, my dandruff has decreased significantly ( this can also be attributed to 1. my diet and 2. another hair treatment and/or 3. switching to a sulfate-free shampoo) and a direct application, my strands are moisturized without the weight and there is no oily residue with my hair. An extra added plus, a little goes a long way.
I'm hoping that starting my 4 part self-made treatment regimen ( pre-shampoo, shampoo, condition and smoother) will initiate better hair health in the spring. Time will tell and I'll definitely keep you posted.


disclaimer: product was bought by me with the intent to use and review.

Best of 2010: Anna G's beauty picks!

Yes, its 2011 but we are still celebrating our highs of 2010.
Anna G's back with her best of for 2010! You can also catch her giving you the 411 on dating and relationships on BAS.

These are her favorites!

Classic " Go To" Product of the Year: Neutrogena Oil-free moisturizer, SPF 15. When I run out of eye cream, or it's too hot for eyecream, I just sub this, and it still does the trick.

New Discovery of 2010: OPI for Sephora nail polish, especially with all the chrome, gray, and purple-y colors.

Dream product you want: Chloe shower gel. I know it's not that crazy, but right now, spending more than $15 on body wash as a freelancer seems like a pipe dream.

Beauty favorite for under $10: Burt's Bees Pomegranate lip balm
Beauty Favorite for over $10: Davine's Oil Non-Oil. For those of us with thick and unruly hair, this is the shit.

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by Anna.