Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fragrance Diary: Balenciaga Paris

On January 10th, I decided to chronicle my day of wearing Balenciaga's Eau de Parfum. While I'm usually drawn to citrus notes, the floral notes of the Cypre Violet in Balenciaga made the fragrance a bit edgy and classic for me.. as if I needed to experience a taste of modern sophistication. After receiving a sample sized ( .25 fl .oz) from my mother two months ago, I decided to document my journey throughout the day.

8:15am- Just finished putting on my brown fur-lined Uggs and reach for Balenciaga. I apply 2 small dabs onto both of my inner wrists and an amount from my pinkie to my neck as I make a dash out the door.
Hello Floral! I would have never guessed, the scent smells like it could melt a hard edge and make it soft.

10:54am- At my cubical, I think that the floral has subsided a bit and is now letting a powdery note shine. I imagine that Balenciaga's fragrance friends would be YSL's Parisienne and Narciso Rodriguez' Essence and they would both be lunching possibly at Balthazar having frites and moules. Fragrances lunching together.. haha that's so silly right?
Must make green tea.

1:17pm- The scent is still linger, its after lunch so I'm sneaking whiffs my gently rubbing my palm to my nose. I hope I don't accidentally rub the fragrance that is on my nose!

5:20pm- I'm impressed, the smell is faint but I like it. I'll definitely continue to use.

disclaimer: I received this product as a birthday gift from my mother.
Thanks Mom!


Aisling said...

I love your descriptive language! You've been nominated for an award on my blog, Restaurants and Recipes at

Lacroix said...

Thanks Aisling! I really enjoyed logging my fragrance journey for the day.
Thank you for the nomination, I'm honored!