Friday, January 21, 2011

90's Raisin Revival with Chanel's Obscure

It's snowing! I'm hibernating wearing a fauxry lined hoodie all while watching the snow come down outside. It's time to reminisce about the mid-1990's!
Ringer neck tee's, terrycloth shirts, Doc Martin's while watching My So-Called Life on Monday nights.
Additionally appropriate for the occasion, a raisin toned lipstick. With it being all 90's nostalgic and all, I break out my newly acquired Obscure Rouge Allure from the Noirs Obscurs collection. The color is very similar to a color stick I used wear from The Body Show. The name escapes me but I do know that I used to pick it up regularly along with my Dewberry lotion.
When the Noirs Obscurs collection came out in 2009, I remember swatching the lipsticks but being told by an SA that the colors were tough to wear but try to stick with Obscure since it had a brown base. Sadly, at the time of the launch, Saks Fifth Ave was sold out and so was everyone else. In November I found it on and finally I broke it out.
I love the color, it rounds out my whole "Snow- time machine day" by adding the element of the R&B lipcolor of the time. Remember how Lauren Hill and Mary J Blige rocked similar hued lips?
Oh what fun!

disclaimer: product was purchased by me.

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