Friday, June 27, 2014

Marc Jacobs Beauty..Nails it


While in the depths of discovering new beauty products, looks, traveling and work. I fell off the grid and forgot to follow-up on my Marc Jacobs Beauty post. I've been thinking about it and other things I need to fill you in on and  I'm constantly reminded when I walk into Sephora to check out seasonal debuts or if I'm in the West Village thinking about a buttercream Magnolia treat and am greeted by a BookMarc and Marc by Marc Jacobs stores on opposite corners.

Well lets get down to business, shall we? The collection debuted, buzz, buzz. Now there is another display to fancy when doing your lunch break Sephora run. Some dust has settled a bit annnnd review time!
I was impressed with some products while others I just left right there on the display or quietly pouted as I walked away shaking my head. Well, I'm still going to let my Loves, Likes and ?'s be known right. now.

Loves: Marc Jacobs Enamored- the nail varnish is amazing! the colors are rich, the finish is glossy and the staying power lasted through the week.
    • Fave colors- Lux- Electric Ooze, Delphine- Particuliere-ly and Fawn-y

Likes: LoveMarc Lip gel- the shades that err on the side of deep are done right. The vampy colors ( i.e. Neo- Noir and Saboteur) are sophisticated with a bit of camp but - isn't that what we want in a lippie anyway?
Gripe 1. I had really high hopes for the nudes- Hello? Strange Magic was supposed to be my jam! The color description vs. the actual color of the product was a huge let down. Insert Sephora pout face.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 Beauty Look photo:
Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 Backstage. NARS photo:
?  Despite the MJ beauty collection launch last year, the Spring 2014 Marc Jacobs runway show featured some of the Summer 2014 beauty products but this past runway show for Fall 2014, the Marc Jacobs runway shows still featured NARS product backstage. Huh?
I know that Marc and Francois have worked together for years coming up with some of the best runway looks in the decades (see here) but my question is- if you have a beauty line, why not use it in your show?
Further, having your products in your show provides inspiration for say.. beauty peeps like me.

So now that we have almost a full year under the beauty tutelage of Marc, I'm still looking forward to what will happen next.