Monday, December 31, 2007

Revlon Custom Creations Foundation

Ted Gibson created a shampoo and conditioner that you can customize. Now you can customize your foundation!
Revlon's Custom Creations Foundation allows you to "dial" your prefect shade by just a swivel of the top.
I am curious to try after seeing this in my local target because I haven't tried Revlon's foundations due to the fact that they are in-between shades.

Au Revoir 2007!

In the final hours of 2007, I'm reflecting on what a year it has been!
In the first half we lost two Style Icons- Anna Nicole and Isabella Blow.
Fashion brought us Affordability ( Target and Proenza Schouler, SJP's Bitten), Brights and bold hues that were wearable from the beach to the office. Yes, we loved the bright yellow, pinks and aquamarines. Fall brought us the new black- grey!

Beauty brought us beautiful fuchsia hued bold lips as seen on Sascha in the Dior S/S '07 bag campaign. Smokey Eyes that were transformed from day to night- and everyone taught us how to do them! From Stila's fool-proof smoky eye palette to MAC's Smoke Signal's collection. Gone is the black liner and on to comfort in Navy's, Plum's and Forest Green's.
We also learned how to conceal sans the "look at me" makeup with Touche Eclat and later this year with MAC's Studio Lights.
Mineral Makeup was a battlefield, everyone is jumping on the band wagon and wants some of the Bare Minerals pie. From High-end to Drugstore, we've seen it all. Cover girl, Physicians to Sheer Cover and MAC.

Over all I am greatful for all of the people I have met this year, places I have been and events that have happened. It was great seeing my Icon- Christian Lacroix in the Jardin de Tulleries for Fashion week in October,of course, I aspire to meet him one day ( a girl can dream). Meeting Nadege, Sara and Jeremy Scott. Being able to spend time in the South of France and Paris, seeing that designers care to make a difference by putting models of color on the runways ( Heatherette).

So what is there to expect next year?

I hope to see:
* Bold lips, Fuchsia, Pink's and Magentas
* Super natural skin
* More colors that work with various skin tones.

Style wise:
* Bold accessories
* More dresses ( sweater, trapeze)

I 2008 I can't wait for:

1. MAC for Heatherette ( March '08)
2. MAC for Fafi ( Feb '08)
3. M&M's New Albums ( Madonna and Mariah's)
4. NERD's New Album ( Spring 2008)
5. Michel Gondry's New Movie ( Be Kind Rewind)
6. The Calvin Klein Heals that I am coveting ( in Electric Blue)
7. Peace and Happiness

Have a Great New Year everyone!

Happy 2008!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2008 Campaign

Here is Naomi in Louis Vuitton's new ad. I think her shoes are sexy!
I have to say, I love anything that features the Supers! I'm so excited for this Louis V S/S 08 campaign with the Richard Prince Vuitton bags.. so lovely. The last time I was really into Vuitton's ads were the fall '04 campaign with Christina Ricci and Scarlet Johanson.
I especially like the preview pics that have been lurking around and the sneak preview video on
December 28th is when style will show the whole Behind the Scene's shoot.
Until then, You can check out the LV runway show ( and longest DaftPunk and Kanye West remix) on
I'll keep my eyes peeled on the Feb issues of mags that will feature the pics from Natalia ( not a super), Eva, Stephanie and Naomi as I will not be on the waiting list for these bags... ok, maybe I will be.

Happy Holidays everyone as I head to Vegas for X-mas tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rihanna on Allure January 2008

I love Allure, I've been a faithful reader since '93- have gone through the supermodel on the cover phase and now the actress and singer covers.
My relationship with Linda Wells is bittersweet. Why? because the last Black woman on the cover was Eve in 2005. Instyle has a woman of color on their covers more often than Allure, same with Cosmo and Self.
Finally, we can start the 2008 with Rihanna. I'm happy but also question, why hasn't Halle been on the cover of Allure yet? and Are women of color like the trends featured in the mag- an every 2-3 year phase?

I still ponder.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

MAC for Fafi preview

Many Thanks to for the early preview of the MAC for FAFI collection.
Here is a pic from the site:

Additionally, Thanks to Spectra and miss_emc for the collection info. The slated release of February 8th for Australia so possibly earlier for the states.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday 2007 for the dudes

Brother, Father, Crush, BF or Best-friend. Here are my list of top 5's for those special dudes.

* Video Games or Consoles- What guy doesn't love video games? or rather, have you ever asked for anything while they are playing video games.. isn't the answer always yes?
How about these:
- Mario vs. Sonic
- Final Fantasy
- Rock Band

* Men's skin care- Though many do not admit it, they care about their looks but don't want the comments. Help them preserve thy sexy without telling the world.
- Anthony Logistics at Sephora- perfect for travel and hiding from discerning roommates and he can stop using your Queen Helene Mint Julep mask.

* Sports Jersey's- Football, Football( soccer), Baseball -whateve. For that sports junky in your life.

* Dinner- the best way to someone's heart..right?

* Get away- its economical. Plus the imagination runs wild. It could be 30 minutes or an hour, pack a lunch, get some gas, take the metro or walk somewhere that escapes the everyday.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holiday 2007 for that special lady

21 days to go till X-mas, 22 more days to go till Kwanza. Whatever holiday you celebrate, you shouldn't have to go broke finding the perfect gift for everone.. and sorry to disappoint but there is no perfect gift.
Here is a run down of 5 items or ideas that can satisfy,whether it be your Mom, Nana, Auntie, or your mentor.

* Best of Benefit- If she loves makeup, what better than presenting her with all the favorites of Benefit, plus what woman doesn't love Benefit? The kit from Sephora includes Eye Bright, BAD Gal Lash and Dallas Bronzer.

*Merry Citrus by Bliss Spa- R&R economically. The kit includes Lemon and Sage Body butter, Body Scrub and Soapy Soap in a signature box.. All you need is loofah spa gloves ( Target $1) and a "Do not Disturb" sign and she is good to go.

* A Tea Set- Its classic, refined and brings back memories. Plus, Tea Set= Tea and bonding over old stories while sipping on Earl Grey or Passion Fruit tea (my fave).

* Coupons for tasks- Ok so you are on a budget, but you don't want to discount the fact that your funds are low.. so volunteer to do some chores. Yes, this could be a reminder of 4th or 5th grade but it still works.

*Photo Collage- Did you guys go on a trip this year? Family Reunion? Spent Mother's day or Easter together? Put a collage together of those memories!

Coming up next: Holiday 2007 for Him.

Monday, December 3, 2007

So Stylistic!

Yes, I know it has been since last week that I have posted but, I have some good news for BOC's out there!
MAC's Stylistics collection is the one for us! I'm so happy I held on to B-day change to get the goodies from here.
So what am I wearing?
*Sheer Mystery Powder in Dark Secret. The coverage is a step up from their Blot Powder and more in line with their Sheer Select powder. I was extremely happy that the undertones in these ones are a lot warmer than the SMP that came with the Couture collection last year- they just didn't work. Though one thing to take away,like last year, these baby's come with a refill!

*Sheerspark Pressed Powder in Fashionette. I love this! I would decribe the color as "pink berry". The color really pops and MAC doesn't make one like this- a vivid "pink berry" but subtle sparkles. Love it on the apples of my cheeks.

* Lipglass in Hyper-Chic. LOVES IT!! The texture is smooth, the color - I covet, a nice pink that is great for day and doesn't make you look like you are trying to hard to sport pink during the day.

Aww, Stylistics how I love thee.. let me count the ways.