Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dior Nails.. would you do it?

Last Fall season was all about Chanel's coveted Black Satin nailpolish but could this season be about Dior?
The new campaigns with Jessica Stam and the vibrant backgrounds, color coordinated lipsticks and eye candy accessories makes me ponder what if the nails could work in everyday?

I mean, think about it. Last year ( and rolling over to this year) you have been able to get away with sporting black nailpolish in school, work at baby showers and carrying on decent conversations with elders. Even this past spring, Sasha rocked a vibrant shocking hot pink in a Dior campaign that made me sprint for Damage at the Nars counter.Will the mystic rub off on Dior nails...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

MAC Holiday '07- Antiquitease and Stylistics

Word on the blogosphere and WWD report that MAC will have a new fragrance released with its Stylistic’s Holiday collection and on the high end ( $60 and there will only be 300 available). From what I hear of this collection is supposed to be this year’s MAC Couture collection- Jeweled compacts and fine powders. More details to come, Stylistics is supposed to debut November 29th.

What I am most excited about is the Holiday collection being released on October 18th. Antiquitease will be reminiscent of Victorian era-baroque , Marie Antoinette with a bit of MAC in the mix.
To put the icing on it all ( if you will), Alek Wek will be shooting a campaign for MAC. I sure do hope it is for the holiday collection!

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Celebrity Fragrance season, oh my!

First, we just had celebs as models and muses ( remember BeyoncĂ© for Tommy Hilfiger- True Star, Charlize Throne for J’adore Dior, ect.) now they have their own lines, whether it be marketed to the tween market ( Mary-Kate and Ashley, Hello Kitty) or to accompany their fashion labels ( Gwen Stefani and LAMB)- I feel very much inundated by celebrities ,their sh** and their airbrushing.
An extension of self-loathe on their part with branding and marketing and such, I congratulate Jennifer Lopez for her initial steps to conquering media ,fashion and fragrance.. but now.. I’m on overload. I love Gwen , BeyoncĂ© and Sarah but there has to be a point were you aren’t spread so thin, that there is an air of mystery to your celebrity.
By giving us consumers things we think we want and things you don’t wear on your day to day frustrates me. For example: In Sarah’s Covet commercial, I loved her Christian Lacroix strapless white dress- can you recreate something like that for Steve and Barry’s? ( I can’t say the same for Gwen Stefani though.. she wears the clothes she creates and how)
New fragrances will be introduced by the likes of: Mariah Carey, Britney Spears’ ( new fragrance, flaming hot cheetos is not the topnote), Xtina Aguilera, Katie Price ( Jordan), The Beckhams ( May-jah), Diddy, Usher and a slew of people who want to be on you.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The return of a Super.

It’s so nice to see a familiar face.. not in the “ Hi ,I see you everyday” way but in the refreshing, intriguing way you see someone you grew up with and run into a few years down the road. That’s how I feel about the September Allure editorial featuring Caroline Rubiero , I haven’t seen her in ages! Though Allure had her in an editorial last summer ( the pic was about 5-6 years old) about Brazilian girls, it’s as though she was someone I knew.. not too much of a “super”model yet not un-recognizable. I hope this is the beginning of her return. We missed you Caroline!
Photo courtesy of Allure Magazine.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lively Liner

Would you do it?

In all the editorials and features for fall beauty (ie Allure, Elle , Marie Claire), Colorful eyeliner ( teal, aqua, navy, hot pink, fuschia) seems to come forward. But how do you pull of a bold and brazen look for everyday? Especially when the vibrant colors are filled to the brim with pigment?

I dunno, but it sure looks nice in the mags, but I do want to avoid the "pink eye" look while at the office or the beach.

An article just an article?

In September's i-D magazine, American Apparel has an article that praises their efforts in the textile industry ( all done accomplished under 10 years) and how their models all happen to be employees.
Though, I find the article and the picture displyed a stark contrast. While vibrantly adorned with scarfs and layered scoop-back tees.. why doesn't this model look as lively and happy as the other models featured in their other ad's and articles? They don't even tell you her name like the others?
While her lipstick is beautiful- why does this picture display such plight?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

MAC Blue Storm

Lightning White silver sparkle (frost)
Lull Pink lilac (frost)
Atmospheric Rich grape with red and gold pearl (frost)

Blue Storm Cool royal blue with blue and silver pearl (frost)
Stormwatch Deep teal (matte)
Thunder Rich blue with purple pearl (frost)
Cumulus Creamy grey with silver pearl (frost)
Cloudburst Black with blue pearl (velvet)

Kohl Power,
Feline Rich black (frost)
Mystery Rich black with green and teal pearl (frost)

Zoom Lash.
Zoomblack (R) Rich Black

Nail Lacquer,
Whirlwind Metallic royal blue with green, blue and purple pearl (frost)
Rainy Day Metallic gunmetal grey with lilac pearl (frost)

Didn't they just release some stuff last week..

MAC Fall Collections: Smoke Signals and Blue Storm

Your Smokey Eye palette dreams will come true starting Thursday, August 23rd. MAC debuts thier Fall collections... they won't be in stock for long.

Gentle Fume Eyes x 4 (LE)
Rondelle Light silver with white pearl (matte)
Carban (R) Intense black (matte)
Gentle Fume Cool midtone grey with silver sparkle (velvet)
Waft Deep blue grey (matte)

Smoking Eyes x 4 (LE)
Next to Nothing Creamy white with pink pearl (frost)
Smoking Black with gold (velvet)
Showstopper Light muted grey (matte)
Satin Taupe Taupe brown with silvery bronze shimmer (frost)

Kohl Power
Raven - Black with red pearl (LE)
Orpheus - Black with gold pearl (LE)

Brew Creamy beige (lustre)
Barely Lit Pink sand with gold pearl (lustre)
Sparks Can Fly Creamy rose (frost)
Mellow Flame Warm coral pink with red pearl (lustre)
Burnin' Rich wine (amplified)

Illicit Creamy neutral pink (cream)
Soft & Slow Soft rose with gold pearl (cream)
Bare Truth Warm caramel
Bizaarish Burgundy with pearl (frost)

Powder Blush
Emote - Grey brown (LE)
Ablaze - Coral rose (frost) (LE)

Silver fog - (PRO) (perm)
Dark soul - Charcoal black smoked with gold (perm)
Smoke Signal - Deep maroon

Nail Lacquer
Nocturnelle - Rich black (repromote Nocturnelle '06)
Wildfire - Black with red pearl

Alexander McQueen for MAC

Sneak preview..48 days and counting... The debut is the first week of October.
I believe that the Alexander McQueen for MAC will be at just the freestanding counters. The rest of the collection is listed below courtesy of

Haunting - Sea green (veluxe pearl) (LE)
Nile - Soft royal blue with white pearl (veluxe pearl) (LE)
Pagan - Yellow lime green with yellow pearl (veluxe pearl) (LE)
Masque - Rosy pink (satin) (LE)
Archtype - Light gold (lustre) (LE)
Nothingless - Baby pink with white pearl (LE)
White Magic - White gold with yellow pearl (LE)
Kohl Power
Black Karat - Black with gold pearl (frost) (LE)
Feline - Rich black (LE)
Jealous - Black with green pearl (LE)
Paint Pots
Electro Sky - Royal intense blue (LE)
Pharaoh - Creamy yellow green (LE)
Otherworldly - Mid tone sea blue (LE)
Eyebrow Pencil

Mineralize Skinfinish
New Vegas - Golden beige with bronze pearl (LE)

I wish that there were a fragrance to go with this collection.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Classics: Yves Saint Laurent Sweet Lip Marker

Back in 2003 Allure featured Anne V in a summer editorial and in the beauty notes, it has YSL's Sweet lip marker as what they used on her lips. A few days later I inquired about it at my local counter and it was sold out. Later I went on vacation to New York and visited Saks to the same response.

I was facinated! A felt tip marker that deposits sheer enhancing color for your lips and smells great. It was the perfect summer tool too, imagine not having to reapply your gloss or lipstick- just putting the marker on your pout. Plus its so jovial yet all-growed- up at the same time. Right next to your blot powder and film blotting sheets... a lip marker? No more sliming the beau?

Eyeko..( remember them- no longer at Sephora) also did the same with their lip markers but they failed to have staying power, it dried out within days.
And now Victoria's Secret has introduced a lip marker with their Very Sexy Makeup Collection.

YSl, make our dreams come true and bring the Sweet lip marker back! But until then, you can find them on e-bay.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Heatherette Makeup line?

Fear not MAC fanatics- just in case you didn't get your hands on the Heatherette lipstick 2 years ago... Heatherette may have a Makeup up line in the works.
We could be basking in the glow of hot pink and glitter!
According to, Lydia Hearst could possibly be their muse.
If this is true- wouldn't it be more of a challenge to other fashion designers- turn Makeup mavens tp turn their unconventional colors into mainstream wearability.
For example- I love Anna Sui's makeup line, but it is impossible to find anywhere; Calvin Klein- I haven't seen that one in years....

Friday, August 10, 2007

Have a Beauty-ful Weekend!

What to check out this weekend!
Fall's Coming! Check out some Backstage action courtesy of MAC Cosmetics and .
Make sure to stop by Sephora and pick up their new Fall catalog.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fall's Dior Palette '07

Looks like Dior is giving Bobbi Brown a run for her money...
Concealed in this clutch are complementary nude, taupe and brown eyeshadows along side a pink and clear gloss.
The clutch alone is covetable but what I don't understand is how this upcoming season's palette is a far cry from the beautiful couture Madame B unspired ads with Stam in them? Why not create a collection based on the ads/ look?

Beaute de nuit

Or "Dream Lips". Awakening to soft, moistured lips from you 6+ hour slumber...sounds good to me!
Bourjois is the first to come up with this. Talk about thinking ahead of time- instead of relaying on balms pre- lipstick or gloss. Now you can get a head start with their Baume de nuit and get your lips ready for the morning to come.
What's next.. moonlight makeup?

Sand and Sun-screen

It's still summer can you believe it!
But the facade of the beach is kinda indifferent, let me elaborate: Sun- good, sand- free pedicure, Water- warmish, Humidity- no, stickiness- please no!
the fantasy turns reality into a mess especially when you are "glistening" with sweat. I solved the stickiness problem with Bobby Brown's Beach Body spray- its light, fragrant and has SPF 15. It knocks out your regular SPF and covers the "stickiness" factor of the beach. Now how to get rid of the humidified hair in 90+ degree weather...