Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Classics: Yves Saint Laurent Sweet Lip Marker

Back in 2003 Allure featured Anne V in a summer editorial and in the beauty notes, it has YSL's Sweet lip marker as what they used on her lips. A few days later I inquired about it at my local counter and it was sold out. Later I went on vacation to New York and visited Saks to the same response.

I was facinated! A felt tip marker that deposits sheer enhancing color for your lips and smells great. It was the perfect summer tool too, imagine not having to reapply your gloss or lipstick- just putting the marker on your pout. Plus its so jovial yet all-growed- up at the same time. Right next to your blot powder and film blotting sheets... a lip marker? No more sliming the beau?

Eyeko..( remember them- no longer at Sephora) also did the same with their lip markers but they failed to have staying power, it dried out within days.
And now Victoria's Secret has introduced a lip marker with their Very Sexy Makeup Collection.

YSl, make our dreams come true and bring the Sweet lip marker back! But until then, you can find them on e-bay.

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