Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh Schnap- Tracee loves Nars Schiap!

Photo: Vogue Paris August 2009

Tracee Ellis Ross loves Nars Schiap! as seen in Vogue Paris' August issue.
Not only that, she also loves MAC's Ruby Woo ( which reminds me that mine is misplaced somewhere).
I wonder if she combines these colors because I love the bold lip.
Fall lemming= bold lip.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Countdown for MAC Style Black Collection

Are you ready for the most exotic fall of all? Fully embraced by MAC's new black lipstick and Mattene?

Ready to channel Mary J Blige in the "Not Gon Cry" music video?

If you are NYC on Sept 10th for Fashion Night Out, MAC Soho is having a sneak preview party for the Style Black collection!

Mix, mingle and get your Smolder on!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sneak preview:

Please allow me to introduce my friends Bisou-bot and Lavande-bot, they will be accompanying me at

They love beauty as much as I do and have been perfecting their craft by singling out their favorites. Judging by the photos I retrieved this past weekend, they found my NARS Stash.

Bisou-bot loves Butterfield 8 lip lacquer so much so, she lost the lid!

Lavande-bot knows a little bit of Modesty goes a long way..especially when applied to your cheeks ( in this sweltering heat).

Their makeup mischief is only the beginning.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fashion Night Out, NYC- Where will you be?

I know where I will be!

Chanel- Manicure with the New Jade Polish

MAC - Preview of Style Black

Sephora- Blandi blowout

Barneys- Alexander Wang teach me how to walk!

Will designers stress even more with FNO's participation alongside their upcoming shows?

Will Fashion be saved in a timely manner?

xo L

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Barney's Warehouse Report

Friday, I made the trek to the Barney's Warehouse sale since I didn't have the time nor the energy to go on opening day.
Need to say- utter disapointment.
I had been eyeing this mint Balenciaga brassiere for the past month and a half, when I called the store a few weeks ago they quoted me the sale price of $119. Well, guess how much my little dream party item was- the exact same price!! NO ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT.
Along with the same Stella McCartney pink denim that was marked down to around $70 in March- the price was hiked back up to over $100!
Who are you kidding BWS? Really?
The shoes were a mix of left overs ( again hiked back up to vicious, fictious prices) and spring/summers trendies. Those of you who have small size 6 feets are in luck- they had lots of cute shoes -again, don't know if there were price gouged.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lara Stone for Paris Vogue Sept '09


Ms. Stone has landed 2 Paris Vogue covers this year... seriously, who does that?!
Plus, she is so versatile that she is barely recognizable- now this is what I call true modeling!

If there is one thing I splurge on 3-4 times a year ( yeah, I know- I seriously need to get a subscription) it would be Paris Vogue. It never lets me down in fact the last Vogue I bought was the one with Michelle Obama on the cover- just because she was on it, unfortunately everything else about the photoshoots and editorials has let me down- yes, ALT has let me down, and lead me to the path of Emmanuelle Alt, Melanie Huynh and Carine Roitfeld of Paris Vogue and its made editorials and photos more appealing to me than any other Vogue out there ( sorry Vogue Italia, you are 2nd on my list followed by Vogue Korea).

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Beauty: Vanity from The Last Dragon


I was so happy this past weekend to see Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon available to view instantly. The movie made my childhood! I thought Leroy Green ( Taimak) was so cute and I wanted to be Laura Charles (Vanity) and oh the 80's hair, poppin', lockin' at 7th Heaven and lets not forget Sho'nuff of Harlem.

Its been YEARS since I've seen this- I'm so glad it's available! All the memories of hanging out with my Aunt Pat and my cousins, having popcorn and cracking up at the campy-craziness of a martial arts culture, plus some classic 80's good-time music by Debarge.
Will we ever reclaim the joy of the 80's?

Laura's makeup was it! The big hair, fuchsia contoured chiseled cheeks, smokey black eyes and violet-pink lipstick- it was no wonder she was Prince's lady at the time.. though he could have helped her on some dance moves because that was another story.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Love: YSL Rouge Gloss Volupte

I had the pleasure of experiencing YSL's brand new stick gloss- Rouge Gloss Volupte
Much like its lipstick sister- Rouge Volupte, this newbie packs a punch when it comes to smoothness, texture and hydration plus, it leaves the right amount of color sans stickiness.
The texture is more gel based, extremely juicy and builds gradually as you apply.

The shades stand out and are much more wearable than the traditional YSL glosses, the color you see in the tube is indefinitely what you get.
The standout for me was Frozen Plum. Its a great burgundy-plum combination that is right up fall's alley! Not as dark as an eggplant, but more of a pre-dinner or "meeting grab and go" to color.
I would suggest this as a "must have" as you can wear it on the daily and layer the color, not having to double check to see if there is too-too much on to the point that your lips scream" I'm glossy, see me!
Other shades currently featured are:

#1 Iced Lycee- light neutral peach-pink
#2 Chilled Raspberry- medium bright fuchsia-pink
#3 Frozen Cherry- bright cherry red
#4 Frozen Plum- medium burgundy-plum

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beaute du Jour: Shani!

Bella Shani hails from the Bronx but made it out to SoCal over 3 years ago. She's been a great friend of mine for a while now and can always count on her great advice on everything from styling to crazy-ass roommates, trust me- she has been there. Plus she also LOVES beauty and fashion as much as I do. When I said ,Cole Haan Sample Sale at Gilt- she was on it with some fabulous boots and a handbag. Recently when I went back to Cali to visit and for the Nordstrom Trendshow, she fell in love with NARS Tropic eyeshadow ( she is pictured wearing it) and how it accentuated the eye with a bit of bronze eyeshadow.

Here are her beautypoll results, enjoy!

Mood: Content

Listening to: My co-workers phone conversation – so bad

Gloss or Lipstick du Jour: Gloss - Nars Revolt

Fragrance: Sicily - D&G

Film that defines you today: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Food Craving or current lemming: Pineapple Bellini & Pink Lady Apples!

What do you hope to accomplish today: Fold up & put away my week old laundry

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Loehmann's 75% off Italian Event!

Wall of Marc Jacobs shoes


YSL Nicole Pump

With news of DSW's huge shipment of Gucci last thursday and the draw of long lines and merch from 5-6 years ago- I wasn't one to brave the event at Union Square.

Yesterday, I received a heads up about the Loehmann's Italian event and had to see their offerings at the Chelsea store. I was mindblown! Why you may ask? parce-que not only did they have ready to wear from Moschino, D&G, Prada and Valentino BUT- they had shoes! I just lost it!

First off, there were Balenciaga Pump's , Miu Miu Capretto Pumps , Halston Boots, YSL Nicole pump's and Givenchy Gladiator sandal booties's at $250 each. A STEAL compared to the current Ebay prices.

Other labels spotted: Marni plastic pumps, Marc Jacobs paillette shoes, Valentino Collection pumps, Dolce and Gambana Knee-high boots.

I went to shoe heaven tonight!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Barney's Warehouse Sale- August 20, 2009

NYC ! Its that time again, 30 minute entry lines, no dressing rooms, lines that wrap throughout the store- Its the Barney's Warehouse Sale!

Thursday, August 20th-Monday, September 7th 2009
225 West 17th St (btwn 7th and 8th streets)
Thurs, Aug 20th- Fri, Aug 21st 8am-9pm
Weekdays: 10am-9pm, Weekends: 10am-7pm
Mon Sept 7th, 10am-7pm

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Roots w/ Lykke Li @ Webster Hall

Last week, I brought my Diesel Jeans over to the Union Square store and got tickets to see The Roots! The concert was great, I haven't seen or heard from Clipse in years ( though it doesn't help I don't have a tv) but it was nice to see Kanye West pop up on stage for their set. The Roots came on at 1:15am, by that time I was antsy- plus their special collaborator was Lykke Li!
Every time I attempt to see her with friends- the tickets are sold out. Seeing both acts for the price of a weekly MTA Metrocard was well worth it!

Monday, August 3, 2009

RIP Naomi Simms

One of the first successful black models in the 60's, Naomi Simms died of cancer over the weekend at 61.
I was first introduced to her by my mother who told me that she was her own agent, later in Suede Magazine, I read a piece where she was a Renaissance Woman of the day- booking her castings, doing her own makeup and the like.
Pre-Campbell, Tyra, Iman and Pat was the Naomi.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

LBB Beauty Review: Chanel Aqualumiere Gloss in Ironic Tonic

Description: Chanel brings you a lightweight gloss that has coverage of a lipstick. I decided to hit up Saks Fifth Ave in NYC for a skin consultation- and ended up with a new lipgloss.

Texture/Consistency/Composition: Smooth, lightweight and lasting. No heavy scent, very "grab-and-go" color- a beautiful plum-wine that is deeper than Chanel's Imaginaire Glossimer ( I was on the look out for a plum shade of lipgloss).

Ironic Tonic delivers.

Color: Plum -wine perfect for everyday. Great transistion color from Summer to Fall as this fall is going to call out the deep, rich colors I love to play with.

Beauty of color friendly?Absolutely.

Grade: out of 5 ( 5 being Excellent) 5 out of 5

Price and where to find it:$27/ or department stores.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beauty Review: Givenchy Gloss Poetique Natural Color Enhancer Lipgloss

Description: Givenchy's answer to custom beauty, a gloss that transforms any lips to a rosey hue.

Texture/Consistency/Composition: a gel-like balm, much like Rosebud Salve- the smell is reminds me of Loreal lipstick- which I find awful.

Color: Rosey?

Beauty of color friendly? No

Grade: out of 5 ( 5 being Excellent) 1 out of 5- great concept but the science is just not there yet.

Price and where to find it:$45/

Intrigue brought me to purchase Givenchy's Gloss Poetique Natural Color Enhancer gloss.

Unfortunately, it just didn't do it's job.
After testing, I found that my lips looked as rosey as me applying just plain ol' chapstick -and with that I could have bought 45 chapsticks for the price of one Givenchy gloss.
Yes, I'm disappointing, considering I love Phenomen'eyes.