Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sneak preview:

Please allow me to introduce my friends Bisou-bot and Lavande-bot, they will be accompanying me at

They love beauty as much as I do and have been perfecting their craft by singling out their favorites. Judging by the photos I retrieved this past weekend, they found my NARS Stash.

Bisou-bot loves Butterfield 8 lip lacquer so much so, she lost the lid!

Lavande-bot knows a little bit of Modesty goes a long way..especially when applied to your cheeks ( in this sweltering heat).

Their makeup mischief is only the beginning.


Terry said...

How cute! Butterfield 8 is one of my favourite lip lacquers too!

Lacroix said...

I loove Butterfield 8, the color is just perfect!