Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beauty Review: Givenchy Gloss Poetique Natural Color Enhancer Lipgloss

Description: Givenchy's answer to custom beauty, a gloss that transforms any lips to a rosey hue.

Texture/Consistency/Composition: a gel-like balm, much like Rosebud Salve- the smell is reminds me of Loreal lipstick- which I find awful.

Color: Rosey?

Beauty of color friendly? No

Grade: out of 5 ( 5 being Excellent) 1 out of 5- great concept but the science is just not there yet.

Price and where to find it:$45/

Intrigue brought me to purchase Givenchy's Gloss Poetique Natural Color Enhancer gloss.

Unfortunately, it just didn't do it's job.
After testing, I found that my lips looked as rosey as me applying just plain ol' chapstick -and with that I could have bought 45 chapsticks for the price of one Givenchy gloss.
Yes, I'm disappointing, considering I love Phenomen'eyes.


Catanya said...

Aww, what a disappointment, it is a pity.

Anonymous said...

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