Monday, July 30, 2007

MAC Painterly, In 3-D and More

It was less than 2 weeks ago that Novel Twist arrived.. and now there is more! and wallets are sore!
Check it out at

MAC's highly anticipated Paint pots ( Painterly). Reflective lipglass ( In 3D) and Lipglass pencils.

Experiment on the cheap

I love to try out new makeup looks. Smokey eyes, "in the beach all-day" skin and lately dabbling in magenta for a bold lip. Because I'm just experimenting and its not permanent its hard to dish out up to $20 on a lip product but on the contrast a $1-$4 product won't give you the same consistancy and pigmentation a higher priced one will give you.
It's hard out there for change!

Thank Sephora! The Sephora brand has great products for cheaper than Dept store lines.

Luckly I confide in Sephora's lip pencils as being the cheapest way to be in the "now" without spending a boat-load. I bought some lip pencils the other day and was quite satisfied because 1) the color and consistancy is great and 2 pencils = less than $10. 2) Look at how much money you saved to try something new!

If all else fails- at least you know that they money didn't go to Mickey D's.


So I went to check out the Libertine for Target collection and disappointed doesnt cover the extent of my feeling...
Every single item from the collection either had an animal or crazy designed splattered over it or it looked to jovial for functionality.
Though I didn't have my heart set on this one.. September is what I am holding out for- I LOVE TEMPERLEY!!
The countdown has begun...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Beauté du Jour: Sophie Dahl

Yes, Its back again. I have a few more beauté du jour's for ya.
The grand-daughter of a children's author who wrote Charlie and the Chocolate factory was discovered while ccrying on the doorstep in front of her home as a teen.
The scout: Isabella Blow , the discoveree: Sophie Dahl.
She became infamous for the "risque" YSL Opium campaign shot a few years ago that had to be removed from UK billboards.
Aside from that, she just so happens to be an actress, model and children's author.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Spotted: Max Factor Maxilicious gloss

At Longs in by neighborhood. A good 2/3d's of the squeeze tube glosses were gone and of the one's I saw the colors and consistancy looked promising.
Another unfortunate- I didnt have my camera, much less my purse on me to take pics...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Lancome Mystery Game collection 2007

Daria looks so good in this pic. I love how this collection is not just the smokey eye norm, they added touches of this fall's fave metallics into the mix.
And expect the unexpected, at the Nordies exclusives sale I had the chance to chat with a lancome sales person and see the Mystery cubes up close and personal. I was disappointed that between the 2 that they have- non complements my skin tone. But I found 2 other products that made up for it. First the Khôhl Oriental Duo is amazing,2 liners in one! first is a nice gold color and then if you turn the pencil its a brown bring it on! Second ( is a tie..hehe) The Baum Baiser is meant to treat lips before lipstick, gloss or pencil and leaves a shimmery hint of color. The Color Fever lipgloss in Engaging is a great shade a hint of nude. Fall is coming on strong and this is just the beginning.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Chanel Fall 07 collection

This collection looks promising. I love the Hibiscus LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES Glossimer and the cute pink Cheeky Sublime in Narcise.
I'm activating my countdown to Fall...

Monday, July 16, 2007

P.S Kiss- Peter Som for Lancome

In Feb is was the surfer Proenza pink, now for fall- October 1st to be exact. Peter Som will release PS Kiss with Lancome! A dark burgandy shade for fall.
The wait list starts Sept 1st.

Thank you to

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Exclusives

The sale kicks off on Friday the 20th but make sure you pre-order before you get trampled while attempting to go into the store.
Here are a list of Faves that I think are worth the exclusivity of this sale!

Bobbi Brown- 5 piece set with Mauve Shimmer lipgloss, Galaxy cream eyeshadow, Espresso Ink liner gel , Powder pink Blush in a cool Metallic bag

Yves Saint Laurent Palette D'orient - 3 lipsticks,3 eyeshadows, 1 blush, a mascara in a box with Japanese Chery Blossoms decorated on top.

Nars Highlight and Blush in Albatross/ Orgasm.

If there is not a nordies in your area, Call or go to they ship!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

MAC Rushmetal and Flashtronic

wallets are going to hurt. Nordies releases Novel Twist on Friday the 20th and MAC counters get Flashtronic and Rushmetal. The first being the yearly roll-out of the mineralized eyeshadows that are so highly coveted. There are 6 rich shadows, 4 cream lipglasses and 3 new MSF's. What are MSF's you newbies may ask? its what sells the most- these babies are used for an all over glow, highlight or bronze (depending on the color) .
Rushmetal features the pigments and lipsticks in southwestern sunset colors..nice

Look of the day: Dior Fall 07

This fall, while you admire Jessica Stam's fierce shoes and Dior gown..we admire her look.
Neutral eyeshadow with cat-eye liner with matte lips..perfect and classy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Creaseless summer

The eyes have it..but not when your shadow starts to crease or run off your eyelid. Its hard to put on makeup only to be defeated by sun and humidity- but, I have found 2 products that help cease creases! The first is the coveted Urban Decay Primer potion. The wand makes for easy application and it can be used under your foundation. Its tried and true. The second is a personal favorite- Nars Concealor, I know that its not the conventional "primer" but it does the job. I prep my lids with a little and shadow looks as great 6+ hours later than when I initially put it on.

Monday, July 9, 2007

RIP: Jane Magazine

It's been 2 years since I bought or even browsed through Jane Magazine, but according to Jane mag is done. All I know is Jane ( the founder and inspiration for Maroon 5's last album Songs About Jane)hasn't been with the company in a while and the change-up has been pretty drastic. I guess they don't play around in the magazine business.. sell or else!
But I am surprised, as a Allure, Vogue and Essence reader for 10+ years, I am surprised at how many media outlets leak stories that appear in publication and are so different than media savvy bloggers such as Perez hilton or TMZ...

Bobbi Brown Stonewash Nude Palette

This one is guaranteed to sell out for sure- all her fall eyeshadow and face palettes do. This composition of grey, brown, taupe and metallic shimmer ( apparently hot for the fall) is an all in one. Plus the versatility is great, especially if you are weary about the bold metallics for fall- you cant fail with the nude shadow next to it! It will retail for $50 and the lips and rouge that accompanies the palette are... you guessed it nude.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

MAC for Lacroix

Please note: this is purely hypothetical but for me, a good what if.
In Sept MAC for Alexander McQueen will launch and I'm nothing but ready for it ... but what about the future?
That is when I conjured my very own MAC for Christian Lacroix collection! A Face 8X collection fancied after the MAC for Temperley Palette.

Soleil, Breezin', Purple Haze, Femme, Lacroix, Sensuous, Bazar, Bordeaux

Cream Colour Base: Soleil- True Gold w/ Bronze shimmer

Eye Shadow: Breezin'- Neutral muted Dark Grey ( satin)
Purple Haze- Midtone Violet ( matte)

Lipstick: Femme- Mid-tone Cloudy Lavendar w/ Gold pearl ( lustre)

Gloss: Lacroix- Dark Plum Egglant

Eyeshadow: Sensuous- Deep grape w/ black ( matte)
Bazar- Rose pink w/ gold pearl ( velux pearl)

Blush: Bordeaux- Dark Midtone Magenta (matte)

A girl can dream...

Friday, July 6, 2007

Welcome to the Tea Party!

I think this comes close to the theme of Lacroix's Fall 07 Couture collection. Big coats sauntering with slim gowns underneath reminds me of little girls dressing up in their grandmother's wardrobe with at twist of 18th century. The accent that got me giddy was the hat on the side of the mountain of hair. I love the purple on the eyes as well.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Nars Fall Collection: Modern Odyssey

I'm all ready for fall now, between the couture shows and new fall makeup collections, Ii can't wait for the leaves to fall.. well at least where you live cause they don't here.
Nars' fall collection is crimson and metallic tinged and inspiring. It looks like you can do the colorful, metallic smokey eye with the new shadows and the bold red lips which I'm all for because we need a change from the monotony of Smokey dark eyes and pale lips ( tired of the biba look now..).
The release date hasn't been announced yet ( per Bella Sugar- Many Thanks for the information) and the collection features Brazil- a metallic ginger & rose eye shadow duo, " Kalahari (gold and sugared brown), and Underworld (silver and slate blue); a single powder eye shadow ($21) in Voyage (golden sand); two lipsticks ($23) in Flamenco (candy apple red) and Promiscuous (honey-beige); and two lip glosses ($23) in Chantaco (rhubarb) and Tempest (warm rose)".

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Return of the Supermodels!

Yesterday, John Galliano kicked off Fall 2007 60th anniversary Dior show in Versaille. Me being a fan of couture and all couldn't help but check out's coverage of the event and was pleasantly surprised to see Linda, Stella, Naomi, Amber and Shalom featureed on the runway along with the like of Lily, Morgane, Bruna and Irina. Even more surprising- seeing Maria Carla back on the runway too!
I wonder if the Makeup was done by Pat McGrath this time.. its something I will keep note of especially for the Fall season (Birthday, partied and Halloween)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Monday Morning MAC Trivia

Can you name the model(s) featured in the following MAC Campaigns?

Pool Party
Viva Glam 3

Good Luck!