Monday, July 30, 2007

Experiment on the cheap

I love to try out new makeup looks. Smokey eyes, "in the beach all-day" skin and lately dabbling in magenta for a bold lip. Because I'm just experimenting and its not permanent its hard to dish out up to $20 on a lip product but on the contrast a $1-$4 product won't give you the same consistancy and pigmentation a higher priced one will give you.
It's hard out there for change!

Thank Sephora! The Sephora brand has great products for cheaper than Dept store lines.

Luckly I confide in Sephora's lip pencils as being the cheapest way to be in the "now" without spending a boat-load. I bought some lip pencils the other day and was quite satisfied because 1) the color and consistancy is great and 2 pencils = less than $10. 2) Look at how much money you saved to try something new!

If all else fails- at least you know that they money didn't go to Mickey D's.

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yummy411 said...

lol@ this post... i appreciate the rec.. it's hard to stop and shop for sephora brand cosmetics when nars, benefit and bourjois and other cool brands are staring you in the face. i do experiment with drugstore lines before investing in counter stuff... but for better quality at the same or similar prices... i'll try sephora too!