Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chanel Paradoxal #509 Nail Colour Swatches

After getting the notification that the Chanel Fall 2010 beauty collection was available on yesterday. I popped into Century 21 ( I know right?) to see if they had the collection. Low and behold they did! And to think, I was totally going to skip out on Paradoxal.
But seeing the color in person made me purchase. I love the mid-tonal purple with a hint of grey iridescence.


kelliegonzo said...

so beautiful! i just ordered mine, can't wait til i get it! you've turned me into a chanel fiend with paticuliere :D

Lacroix said...

haha! Love it! I think you will really love Paradoxal too! Another add to your collection!

Superqueen said...

Very beautiful. Cannot wait to buy it when it launches here.