Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer 2010: Best Highlighters

What compliments a great tawny bronzer is a great illuminator, highlighter or luminizer ( if you will), either one of these boosts your radient factor by so much more than you otherwise thought. The trick, keep the "highlighters" ready for when the sun goes down. Just like a candle in the dark, these keep your skin glowing and look great when you are photographed in nightshots!
Here are just a few of my favorites for this summer save NARS Luster, which I have chalked up in the past. The few mentioned are an array of pigment focused formulas that go a long way with a little usage.


YSL's Palette Signes D'Orient- This very rare and hard to come by palette has it all. Illuminant shell and pink highlighters with a shimmer finish and a chocolate bark color powder for contouring. This pallette also includes two applicators, one a mini blush brush and the other an eyeshadow sponge.

MAC HyperReal Foundation in Beyond Bronze- A couple of years ago, MAC introduced Hyper Real Foundations as a second skin foundation that rids imperfections with light shifting like capabilities ( I'm paraphrasing). Not to say that this didn't work, it was too early in the game!
I still have 2 bottles of HyperReal, one being shade 700 and the other is Bronze.
Broze is a great liquid highlighter on top of cheek bones and below the brown, plus a little goes along way.

Chanel Emprientes des Chanel- This year's newbie! This palette has the Chanel interlocked C 's logo in a light gold wih peach, pink and tan shimmer powder is a mosaic around.
As with YSL's D'Orient- Good luck finding this one, it's been sold our since earlier this year.

Tarte Celebutante Dry Oil Body Spray- Ok, I'm beinding the rules for this one as I do have an upcoming post on body glow. However, I was enamored by the cute pink shimmer that can contribute over your bronzed cheeks for the perfect night out.


Seymone said...

I have been on a hunt for that Chanel highlighter.. My nordstrom has been sold out everytime I check. I have to agree the MAC HyperReal FX Foundation in Beyond Bronze is heaven on WOC.. I think I have the darker version to the one you mentioned.

Lacroix said...

Hey Seymone!

You should have your Nordie's do a stock check for all Nordies. I'm sure there is one out there.
For the MAC HyperReal- I believe they may have 800's around. I forgot when theses were dq'd but they are amazing!