Thursday, July 22, 2010

5 Beauty Products to keep away from Dudes!

Let's face it, some beauty products are meant to be admired and not used by the manliest of men. I grew up with two brothers and one shared bathroom for my formative years. My beauty products had to be hidden or I had to pour the contents of my products into un-marked travel containers. Now, I just keep all male-unfriendly products away but after thinking about the most intriguing products to a male, I complied a list of beauty products that men will either- 1. mis-use and 2. won't know how to react ( you will see in a bit) and 3. wonder why we even use the product. I'm not trying to say that men are beauty product cavemen with no clue, using eye-liner as a chisel and lipstick as a crayon. I'm trying to say that we women have gidgets, gadgets, whoseits and whatsits and sometimes its hard for guys to decifer what is what. I actually find this aloofness endearing!
Here is a list of 5 products that you should keep away from dudes- brothers, boyfriends, cousin's, dad's et all.

1. Any type of "Venom" for lips
Yes, I am actually a fan of DuWop Lip Venom's cinnamon tingle- but use this in moderation, especially if you have a boyfriend. What may seem like a "love" tingle, lip plumping action to you could be a "OMG my lips are on FIYAH" to a guy.
Save the lip plumping for a girls night out.
2. Dry powder shampoo
This seems like an odd or unlikely choice but its true. Keep dry powder shampoo away from guys. I have a girlfriend who shared that her powder shampoo was her saving grace for second day blowouts unfortunately, leaving a $20 product of wonder on a dresser was not the best idea! Her beauty pirate incidently used her powder on a hot day for this cannon balls.. I'll leave it as that.

3. Eyelash curler

We women curl our lashes, and currently there are plenty of curling mascaras on the market which makes our eye-life a little easier. But genuinely aloof men see the eyelash curler as a medieval torture device or better yet, a different tool. If you want your tool in tact- keep it away from him.
4. Expensive Hair treaments

Something that I have noticed is that guys have great hair. Never have I seen a guy with dry hair, split ends, etc. So why should we share our expensive hair treatments? If anything, whatever bodywash/ shampoo dudes use (Old Spice?). So why should you share your $20-$50 hair conditioning treatment? you shouldn't. Let this be your beauty weapon of choice for soft silky hair!
5. Expensive Skin Moisturizers
Again, spoil yourself for share in moderation. If you should choose to spoil yourself, use an un-marked travel bottle.



OMG! Where have I been? I didn't even know about lip venom. I have to try that out. Good post.

Dizzy said...

LOL great post!

Chatham Beauty said...

Great post! You can have the world's best product, but if you don't know how to use it (or in some cases, what it even is), it will do nothing for you. I'll give them this though, an eyelash curler does look like a torture device.

Lacroix said...

haha, its true! Guys, eyelash curlers are not transformers! they are not meant to be molded into whatever you need at the moment!