Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Downtown Cool: NARS 413 BLKR Street Exclusives


413 BLKR Swatches

I feel like I'm down in West Village at 413 Bleeker at least once a month. Its sad and true. I take that back- its not sad.. its pretty freakin' cool. NARS at 413 is like my Cheers- they know my name, they know what I like and I know not to piss-off Carla ( j/k).
A while back I purchased the Pure Matte Lipcolor from the store and with my most recent purchases of both the Multiple and the Illuminator from the collection, I now feel like I'm thisclose to 413 BLKR domination in my everyday makeup bag.

What I like about the 413 BLKR Collection vs. the Orgasm collection is that each piece is a different and complementary color where the latter is the monochrome across the collection.

NARS 413 BLKR Illuminator
413 BLKR NARS Multiple
413 BLKR Pure Matte Lipstick

So how am I using these gems? Welcome to my weird weather caveat!
NYC summers are a swamp of humid grossness- thats the bad news. The better news is that because of the weather, I'm using coverage on my face as needed. Good news, I've been mixing 413 BLKR Illuminator + Caudalie moisturizer in the morning for a nice champagne tinted glow that doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything on my face and I'm putting concealer on in spots.
For some color on my cheeks and lips- I defer to the 413 BLKR Multiple as the burgundy color is pretty much a fail-safe for me, especially when trying to touch up after work.
The Pure Matte Color I reserve for the day and layer with the Multiple once it fades.
The collection also includes a Duo Eyeshadow, Blush, Larger than Life Lipgloss, and a Nail Polish that will be on my list. Also wondering allowed if the new Madison Ave will have exclusives?

413 BLKR Swatches: Top: Illuminator, Mid: Multiple, Bottom: Pure Matte Lipstick
The 413 BLKR collection is available online at narscosmetics.com