Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Look: McQueen for Target

This past weekend, I previewed the new McQueen for Target Collaboration here in NYC on Saturday, Feb 14th at the pop-up shop on West St.
Though all 44 pieces were not available, the 23 that were were pretty good as far as Target/Designer collabos go.
The quality is beyond what you could ask for with a Target price.
I arrived at 12pm ( 2 + hours later than I expected to be, I was on the hunt for the YSL Manifesto Tote this morn) to different sections of the line spread out in this warehouse, people huddled in corners with their hordes of clothing either trying things on or taking pics of themselves, since there were no mirrors. The line for the dressing room.. was worse than a line at an abusement park- it clocked in at an hour.
I began checking out the racks and they didn't have my size, so I went to the next best thing and started looking for people with my similar body frame and asked them if they had things they didn't want. Surprisingly this was the most effective way!
I walked out with some grey studded jeans ( the inseam is an incredible almost 38 inches for a size 3), the white sleeveless studded dress and the blue tattoo scarf that I lucked out on since all others were sold out.
Favorites I have seen around fashion week sported by NY fashionistas are: the Blue mesh dress, the black tights and grey denim jacket.

McQueen for Target will be available on-line and in select stores starting March 4th.

NYFW: MAC Ruffian Red Lipstick

For New York Fashion Week, MAC created a limited edition lipstick for the designer label Ruffian, called Ruffian Red.
Apparently, the guests of the show got this one-of-a kind orange- red shade that's sister is rumored to be MAC Russian Red.
Here are some pics of the universally flattering shade courtesy of
Is this a clue onto the next MAC/designer collabo?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

YSL Manifesto: S/S '09

Day 2 of NY Fashion Week Fall '09 was an adventure on Valentine's Day morn.
Needless to say, I got a YSL Manifesto with the help of the YSL crew at the Mercer Hotel on Saturday!
The Manifesto is beautiful ( to say the least) the second and second to last page are Claudia Schiffer stickers while the center is a fold out poster of the cover with the description of the S/S '09 collection on the back. The Manifesto is even stamped for authenticity!
The USB Key is to die for! its a red heart with a black YSL logo and it holds 1 gig.
The tote was last seasons most coveted item, black with the YSL logo up-side down with white shadowed black and grey teardrops in the back.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Don’t: A Valentine’s day Anti- Gift guide

Don’t: A Valentine’s day Anti- Gift guide

I was recently posed with the question from my brother on what to get his girlfriend and the question went from possibilities (in his mind) but translated to don’ts (in my mind).
As he talked, all I could think about was the Don’t trailer in between the Grindhouse Planet Terror and Death Proof movies.
But to make matters worse this year is we are more financially careful than we have been in years past and his student status doesn’t help him in this season.

With collaborative effort ( from a random sampling of women), I have compiled a list of Don’ts and or No’s:

- No Teddy Bear or stuffed animals. We are not 10 year old children.
- No Snuggies…just no
- Roses.. it’s a “meh” as we would prefer if you mix it up a little. And Roses are more or less in the “I’m sorry” category.
- Don’t sulk, blame, or get desperate.
- Don’t get a grand gift now because its Valentine’s day in hopes that your Birthday gift will be just as great.

Now the Do’s:

- Celebrate your time with your sig fig in non-traditional ways, like- celebrating on a day other than this one.
- Picnic it! Grab some Whole Foods buffet and enjoy sitting at the park.
- Movies, in the theater or at home- Netflix it.
- Homemade, cards, breakfast- straight from the Coeur
- Videogames! Wi, Rockband- breakout the competitive spirit.
- Boardgames, nothing beats Battleship, Clue, Monopoly, Scrabble and my fave Stratego.
- Karaoke. Sing or bark it out!

Have a great one!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hello Kitty for MAC Party

Tres Excitement!
After standing in the snow for an hour, instead of bum-rushing the collection- I actually got a few sandwiches and a drink!
Then I went for it!
The collection is fun, springy and chaos ensued. Unfortunately, I have no swatches as its probably on the back of someone's coat due to crowding.
The event was fun fun fun, I finally met Miss Jeffrey! a fellow blogger and photographer.
After the drinks, sammy's and excitement I took the train on home.

Did you guys catch the unveiling?

xo Lacroix

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hyperpigmentation Anecdote

Earlier I posted about my quest to rid my stress marks on my face, aka hyperpigmented scars on my face. It's an ongoing battle that I need to control by stop picking at my face.
So far so good.
As a little background, I've tried almost everything from the age of 12 to 1. stop picking but to 2. lighten the dark spots, including creme that contained hydraquinone ( and severely irritated my skin) so I stopped using it at 16 or 17.
Thank goodness science has made so breakthroughs in formulas to help sensitive skin. One I have been trying for past 4 weeks has been Caudalie's Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
The scar's  I've had for the past 7 months lightened and/or have disappeared!
I wish I were exaggerating but this is something so personal to me, I couldn't wait to share when the right time it is a month later.
For use, It is my spot treatment in the morning before I apply my tinted moisturizer or powder and at night before I hit the pillow.
Vinoperfect has no synthetic dyes, parabens and is also non- comedogenic.
The price is steep but worth it, running at $79 for an ounce. I can tell you, after a month, I'm a  1/3 of the way into the bottle.

You can find it here