Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Look: McQueen for Target

This past weekend, I previewed the new McQueen for Target Collaboration here in NYC on Saturday, Feb 14th at the pop-up shop on West St.
Though all 44 pieces were not available, the 23 that were were pretty good as far as Target/Designer collabos go.
The quality is beyond what you could ask for with a Target price.
I arrived at 12pm ( 2 + hours later than I expected to be, I was on the hunt for the YSL Manifesto Tote this morn) to different sections of the line spread out in this warehouse, people huddled in corners with their hordes of clothing either trying things on or taking pics of themselves, since there were no mirrors. The line for the dressing room.. was worse than a line at an abusement park- it clocked in at an hour.
I began checking out the racks and they didn't have my size, so I went to the next best thing and started looking for people with my similar body frame and asked them if they had things they didn't want. Surprisingly this was the most effective way!
I walked out with some grey studded jeans ( the inseam is an incredible almost 38 inches for a size 3), the white sleeveless studded dress and the blue tattoo scarf that I lucked out on since all others were sold out.
Favorites I have seen around fashion week sported by NY fashionistas are: the Blue mesh dress, the black tights and grey denim jacket.

McQueen for Target will be available on-line and in select stores starting March 4th.

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Ayana said...

Thanks for the info.!! Certainly visit to check out McQueen selection.