Friday, February 13, 2009

Don’t: A Valentine’s day Anti- Gift guide

Don’t: A Valentine’s day Anti- Gift guide

I was recently posed with the question from my brother on what to get his girlfriend and the question went from possibilities (in his mind) but translated to don’ts (in my mind).
As he talked, all I could think about was the Don’t trailer in between the Grindhouse Planet Terror and Death Proof movies.
But to make matters worse this year is we are more financially careful than we have been in years past and his student status doesn’t help him in this season.

With collaborative effort ( from a random sampling of women), I have compiled a list of Don’ts and or No’s:

- No Teddy Bear or stuffed animals. We are not 10 year old children.
- No Snuggies…just no
- Roses.. it’s a “meh” as we would prefer if you mix it up a little. And Roses are more or less in the “I’m sorry” category.
- Don’t sulk, blame, or get desperate.
- Don’t get a grand gift now because its Valentine’s day in hopes that your Birthday gift will be just as great.

Now the Do’s:

- Celebrate your time with your sig fig in non-traditional ways, like- celebrating on a day other than this one.
- Picnic it! Grab some Whole Foods buffet and enjoy sitting at the park.
- Movies, in the theater or at home- Netflix it.
- Homemade, cards, breakfast- straight from the Coeur
- Videogames! Wi, Rockband- breakout the competitive spirit.
- Boardgames, nothing beats Battleship, Clue, Monopoly, Scrabble and my fave Stratego.
- Karaoke. Sing or bark it out!

Have a great one!

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