Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MAC's California Dreamin'

Now I can finally attest to the greatness that is MAC's California Dreamin' lipstick.

 This HG lippie that last week was fetching up to $150 on e-bay is now currently accessible to all Cali kids that did not receive that golden ticket of a postcard...via e-mail.
Yesterday, I walked into Plaza Bonita's store, redeemed myself and basked in the wonder of, what color is this exactly?!

My first thought was that if MAC were to offer a free lippie, that it would be a universal shade. But then it got me thinking about all those useless Clinique foundation samples that came with gift-with-purchases that I couldn't use because I'm not Bisque.

California Dreamin' cool blue-based pink, but it works on my warm skin tone as a neutral pink. I did a color measure against my treasured Miss Ross and California Dreamin' was a bit, dare I say, warmer than Miss Ross even on the border of some gold in it.
Other possible floating dupes are Angel and Snob but I think that this one is in a league of its own.

Cali Kids, any thoughts on this lipstick?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New DiorKiss Luscious Lip-Plumping Gloss

Dior has some new glosses! 
Yesterday, while at Sephora I decided to test these out while going through the Dior section. I was surprised because my eyes glazed over the DiorKiss and I assumed the "glossy sans major plumping" gloss that I had in Lychee Rose. No, not the same.
The texture is not as sticky as the former and the scent and flavor is "fruitier" ( which fruit, I couldn't quite figure out).
Swatching these, I found that they come across really frosty- which automatically turned me off of the neutrals but to my surprise I enjoyed Berry Smoothie. It reminded me of a glossier MAC's Tropic Glow Slimshine.

DiorKiss Luscious Lip-Plumping Gloss runs you $19.50 and is available at Sephora.com

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Skin Savers

A few weeks ago I purchased MD Skincare's  Powerful Protection SPF 30 Sunscreen Pads and tossed them in a to-go bag. I never reached for one until my friend called me yesterday to go to the US Open in Torrey Pines.
All I thought was, its blazing and I definitely don't want anymore sunspots on my face or body. 
So I reached for a towelette and was fascinated by the fact that I can apply it to my face and drive ( please don't try this yourself). The texture wasn't greasy and though there were some streaks of titanium-dioxide ( the active ingredient for sunscreen) but with a follow up swipe of the hand to rub it in, I was good to go!
I'm heading to the beach tomorrow, I can't wait to try it again.
You can find them at Sephora.com, each pack comes with 6 pads and runs $42. But you can luck out and find them in the Sephora's Skin Care kit along with a horde of other goodies for $25.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I heart Nars' new Foundation shades!

Um, Can I say that I lurve the shade range of the Nars Balanced and Oil-Free foundation?
I do, I do!
With MAC, I'm roughly NW43/45, Face and Body Foundation N8/N9. With Nars, the shades are not just on a Neutral, Warm and Cool scale but factors in light, medium and dark brown tones plus the foundation names help with how they coordinate with your skin, hence Trinidad would be a shade similar to the peoples of origin.
After a Sephora.com order before checking the store ( I assumed they wouldn't have it.. but was pleasantly surprised). My shade is Benares and it is fantastic! I've been using it for roughly a week and the Balanced foundation gives me a dewy glow without the horrific greasies.
I ordered New Guinea which will be great for the wintery months.
I encourage the darker skin mamas to check out these shades and tell me what you think.

Friday, June 6, 2008

R.I.P Yves Saint Laurent

On Sunday , June 1st. Yves Saint Laurent quietly passed away from medical complications.
He will be truly missed.