Monday, June 9, 2008

I heart Nars' new Foundation shades!

Um, Can I say that I lurve the shade range of the Nars Balanced and Oil-Free foundation?
I do, I do!
With MAC, I'm roughly NW43/45, Face and Body Foundation N8/N9. With Nars, the shades are not just on a Neutral, Warm and Cool scale but factors in light, medium and dark brown tones plus the foundation names help with how they coordinate with your skin, hence Trinidad would be a shade similar to the peoples of origin.
After a order before checking the store ( I assumed they wouldn't have it.. but was pleasantly surprised). My shade is Benares and it is fantastic! I've been using it for roughly a week and the Balanced foundation gives me a dewy glow without the horrific greasies.
I ordered New Guinea which will be great for the wintery months.
I encourage the darker skin mamas to check out these shades and tell me what you think.


Seymone said...

I really want to try this foundation. However, I am trinidadian and I dont think the color suits me to well but I am going to try neimanmarcus and see what I can find out on the colors..

Anonymous said...

I just tried a sample of the new benares and I think I love it. I have been sampling on and off for years since Clinique discontinued the Stay True shade that was perfect for me. I am a deep brown-skinned African-American with red and gold undertones and need more than just flat colors. I had settled on MAC CW45. It looked good some days and grayish the next. In Houston.

Lacroix said...

I love Benares, I think it is a good fit for MAC's NW45's. Especially in the summer!