Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beauty Chat with Allure Magazine at the HBA Global Expo

The Allure Team and Rebecca of Naomi and Jean, Me, Carla of Fashion Maven Mommy , Diana, and Elaine

HBA 2012 Beauty Enthusiast Panel with Jill Steinbach Friedson

A few weeks ago, I was hand selected by Allure Magazine (the Beauty Bible!) to not only be a Beauty Enthusiast but also to participate on a panel at the 2012 HBA Global Expo last week.
I mean, who gets to sit around and dish on your favorite beauty products in front of your favorite magazine?! Well, I did! I also met fellow Beauty Enthusiasts Carla of Fashion Maven Mommy, Rebecca of Naomi and Jean, Diana and Elaine! I felt like I was at a slumber party but in broad day light! We all are so passionate about beauty products, the energy was nothing short of amazing!

We all gushed over our favorite cosmetics of the moment, why we love them and how we go about seeking our Holy Grail (HG) beauty product. It was so comforting to know that these ladies, like me, want the 411 on new product from our favorite brands ASAP and working with Allure, we were able to spill our secrets on what makes us feel good about your beauty products.

To note, Carla loves Givenchy's Mister Lash Booster, Rebecca loves Youngblood Cosmetic's Luminous Cream Blush in Rose Quartz, Diana loves Dior's Diorshow Mascara, I love Chanel's nail colors and YSL's Touche Eclat and Elaine loves Benefit's Stay Don't Stray.

Special Thanks to the Allure Magazine Team: Jill, Jennifer and Cathleen for the amazing experience!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Hair Switch-up: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and Tresemme Naturals

For the past few months I've been prepping my summer regimen for my hair. I have a few boundaries:
- zero fuss and zero frizz
- lots of moisure
- light in texture
- little-to-no heat , just to name a few.
But thanks to Amazon's genius purchasing algorithm, I was intrigued by a product recommendation- Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and upon further investigation (YouTube and Google), I've come to experience this ah-mazing product. Last Sunday, I mixed 1 cup of the clay with an equal amount of vinegar to create a smooth paste that I applied to my scalp and hair that then dried. Please note, this was terrifying... I just kept thinking of the scene in BeetleJuice when the Lydia had to get married to the B-man and the Maitlands were rapidly aging... anyway here is the scene.
Not this dry
Ok ok, the drying was a bit weird but not too bad once I started to rinse the mask out. My hair and scalp felt like nothing I've ever experienced before when using a hair mask! My hair was so clean that I didn't need to shampoo, I went to my other summer hair saver- Tresemme Naturals Moisture Conditioner.
so. great.
I haven't used Tresemme since high school but once I heard about their Naturals line being free of Silicone, I jumped at the chance to try and I'm loving it!
What are you doing for your summer hair care?