Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Hair Switch-up: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and Tresemme Naturals

For the past few months I've been prepping my summer regimen for my hair. I have a few boundaries:
- zero fuss and zero frizz
- lots of moisure
- light in texture
- little-to-no heat , just to name a few.
But thanks to Amazon's genius purchasing algorithm, I was intrigued by a product recommendation- Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and upon further investigation (YouTube and Google), I've come to experience this ah-mazing product. Last Sunday, I mixed 1 cup of the clay with an equal amount of vinegar to create a smooth paste that I applied to my scalp and hair that then dried. Please note, this was terrifying... I just kept thinking of the scene in BeetleJuice when the Lydia had to get married to the B-man and the Maitlands were rapidly aging... anyway here is the scene.
Not this dry
Ok ok, the drying was a bit weird but not too bad once I started to rinse the mask out. My hair and scalp felt like nothing I've ever experienced before when using a hair mask! My hair was so clean that I didn't need to shampoo, I went to my other summer hair saver- Tresemme Naturals Moisture Conditioner.
so. great.
I haven't used Tresemme since high school but once I heard about their Naturals line being free of Silicone, I jumped at the chance to try and I'm loving it!
What are you doing for your summer hair care?


Hair Salons said...

:) Tresemme is a good product and I totally agree with you.My hair is manageable and I don't even get dandruff anymore..

carla5555 said...

I love to pair Wen haircare as well as Kerastase. BTW great seeing you again today! Such a fun experience! Love you blog!


Lacroix said...

Thank you for the recommendation Carla! I'll have to try. It was great seeing you too! I hope to beauty chat you again.