Friday, March 30, 2007

MAC Slimshine

Thanks for the exclusive on MAC's Summer collections.. Its going to be a good one.

First starting on... Monday!( correction May, 2nd) Slimshines should be hitting counters.

The new lipstick/gloss is described as "[Slimshine] applies like a lipstick, but still has the shiny effect of a gloss without the stickiness."
16 new colors from Bare- Light neutral pink with subtle gold pearl,Pleasing – Midtone violet with red and gold pearl,Prudeaux – Dark rich burgundy plum and Cocoamour – Neutral cool brown with matching pearl.


Beauté du Jour: Grace Jones

Eccentric? Maybe
Beautiful? Mos Def
Grace Jones is one of my definate icons. When I think of a strong black woman, she comes to mind. She is art in itself- a Warhol muse and embodied every bit of the 80's.
She hails from Jamaica and became a model in NYC. Her career really took off in Europe as she acted, sang and modeled and then became internationally known. )"pull up to the bumper" is one of the most played songs in my ipod). Who can forget her in boomerang with Eddie Murphy? and as far as style goes- she made the flat top work for a girl along with the bold red lips.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Classics: Cover Girl Professional Mascara

this one is an old school fave. In middle school/ Jr. High School we got this mascara for free and I was loving it. It was perfect for the no make-up make- up look especially since you really didnt want to look like you were done up.. but you needed to enhance something on your face.

back then ( well atleast for me) Niki Taylor was the face in the ads for this mascara. Aww the memories..

I think you can still get this mascara at the drugstore. I'm telling you- its the best one to use when starting out in makeup.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

To Vegas and Back

Hello out there!

I just returned from Vegas and Joshua Tree and had a blast! I didnt take my computer on the road so .. here I am!

While at the Forums at Cesar's I stopped by Kiehls. I have their blue astringent from way back when and its not working for me. Why? because it has alcohol and everytime I put a moisturizer over it- it clumps.
Since the weather was a good 85 degrees and my skin started to ooze oil, I wanted to see if they could help me minimize the oil and shine and maximize my sanity.
Luckly the sales person helped my find their Tea Tree oil toner that is alcohol-free ( yess..) and I have to say, it smells great and does the job.
Also while I was in there I picked up the all-famous Kiehl's lipgloss in Berry 1851.
Its the fastest lip smoother I've every tried. As soon as you put it on, it just melts onto your lips- great for when you are on the go.. yay!
I have other beauty discoveries to reveal later. A classic will be on the way too.

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Beauté du Jour: Maki Nomiya of Pizzicato 5

My all time favorite group! Pizzicato 5 has been around since the 80's but became famous in the 90's as part of the Shibuya club movement. I love their catchy lyrics and melodic hip sixties infused sound. Definately a "new stereosonic sound spectacular".
Maki fore fronted the band for a number of years, her style is as infectious as their lyrics.

Here's a video clip:

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Summer Collection: NARS

Summer Coquette collection 2007.

It looks like summer is going to be filled with lots o' neutrals with pops of color.
I like the pink panther and summer time cream eye duo shadows and the striptease lipgloss. Like Orgasm Blush and Lipgloss, I bet it will sell well because of its cheeky name and beautiful color ( I fancy NARS Nirvana and Exhibit A Blushes).

Judging by what I hear about MAC's Sun Strip, Moon Bathe and Tenderstones Summer Collections ( remember Bait, Hook, Lure collection last year?) its going to be neutral . Cream packaging, Nudes and Browns.. I can't wait! I can just imagine a futuristic, indian summer campaign.. I'm getting a head of myself. Right now my relationship with MAC is not so good.

photos: NARS

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Classics: Duwop Lip Venom

The first lip plumper of its time!
In 2000, Duwop created something revolutionary. A lipgloss that enhances your natural lipcolor and "the result is shiny bee-stung lips' and it does what it says it will. I love the cinnamon smell, but be careful when kissing- they might encounter a tingly surprise!

Paulina Rubio for MAC is up!

I like the ad.. I wonder how long the lipstick will be available on the website. I bought mine a month ago... I absolutely love it!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Rimmel Underground is out!

Hope you had a great weekend, mines was just beachy... and relaxing.
At Target yesterday I strolled upon a discovery.. Rimmel Underground!
I got their Loud Mouth Lipgloss in Pucker up, a wine-burgandy tone. What I expected is the standard drugstore gloss.. 15 swipes to buildable coverage. what I got though was 1 swipe with tones of color and it smells great. The price was $7, which is a bit more expensive than the Rimmel products but its probably because its new. I cant wait to try the Gloss over lip gloss..5 colors in 1 palette.. yummy!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beauté du Jour: Ujjwala Raut

She's an international wonder! She is also India's most accomplished super model.
When I think of Tom Ford and YSL from 2002-2004, I think of Ujjwala.
She respresents elegance and poise, definately someone you would like to model yourself after, no?

I hope she continues her success even though Tom Ford is no longer with YSL, but you know how the modeling world goes... endless cycle of talent.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chanel Summer Makeup Collection 2007

yay! new palette.. great vibrant summer colors!
Contraste Lumiere Multi-Palette Lips and Eyes has 4 lip colors and 2 eyeshadows. Perfect for the beachy sunset type of look I'm striving for!
Can't wait for it to hit stores!

Thank you Makeup Bag .net

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kimora Lee Simmon's Sale at Sephora

When I first checked out this brand, I was really excited! But then I realized that it can only be found on the website and not in any stores around Southern or Northern California.
Back then ( about a year ago) I noticed that the prices were kinda high, I mean like Chanel and Dior high and no real review of the product.

Well.. I think someone got the hint, now all of Kimora's makeup line is up to %50 percent off the original price!. Way to knock the price down without it going to the Clearance bin. So I think there may be some longevity...

check it out here

Monday, March 12, 2007

Classics: Cover Girl Cosmetics

Easy Breezy Beautiful.. what a catchphrase.
When I was younger I used to collect all of the CG advertisements. Back then Helena Christiansen, Tyra Banks, Katherine Heigl ( pre "Greys") and Niki Taylor repped the Brand and their 6 or 7 different formulas of powders and foundations. With Clean Make-up and the Powder foundation combo. In the early 90's I used to think that CG was at the top of their game.
Now when I look at fashion mags, I don't see a lot of their Spring/Fall Campaigns like I used to. I have to drop into Longs and see them. I guess not all stores carry the same merch and it isn't on their websites. Long gone are the Supers that repped the brand now there are Star/ Celeb/ Actresses and ANTM winners who carry the torch. Keri Russell, Joy Bryant, Molly Sims and Queen Latifah have made the brand proud lately.

Friday, March 9, 2007

No MAC March

" We're not gonna take it"..ok, so it should be "I'm not going to take it" but lately I've been feeling that the past few collections MAC has put out there have let me down.
Either the color payoff is weak or the collection clashes with my skintone.. anyway, I'm disgruntled.
Why am I going to dish out money for products that are un-original?
There are too many pinks, mauves, rose shade l/s and glosses that they make. Ever think about a black plum l/g or something a bit more unconventional?
I have always viewed cosmetics to be a journey, a way to create a new persona by using colors that I love.
Lately MAC, I haven't been lovin' it.
The campaigns are blah- the product is not that impressive, I'm saying sayonara to MAC starting this month and it will continue until the collections have colors that suit everyone.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Beauté du Jour: Cintia Dicker

Talk about a quick rise for a model, and you might want to check out Cintia's resume.
I first took note of her back in '04 ( back in.. haha like it was that long ago).
She's beautifuly, magnetic and at the time their was the re-surgence of Red-heads..( note the Karen Elson comeback and Heather Marks momentarily being a Red-Head)
Cintia broke through that short period in fashion, got lots of runway time, signed with Loreal and and now... I see her in commercials for hair products...
Way to work it! She should write a book on her quick rise to modeling, I have definately enjoyed watching it!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Rumor: MAC & McQueen

So I heard that MAC and Alexander McQueen are teaming up for a collection inspired by his latest runway look.

I think it would be the 5th or 6th collabo that MAC has had with a fashion designer. Last summer was the yummy Y& Kei Palette with 3 shadows and a cream color base, in 2005 Temperly teamed with MAC to make the fabulous hued full face palette. Most of its contents were plums, greens and burgandy. Other collabo's Heatherette, Ellie Saab and Luella.

I really hope this rumor becomes reality, What would be really cool? a nice full face palette( Eyes, lips and cheeks) like the Temperley one. Why? becuase usually MAC has a nice face palette that comes out during the holiday's at Nordies. But last year there wasn't one-

According to a the photos I've seen of McQueen's collection- there will be a lot of bold blue, black and gold.

We'll be on the look out!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Classics: Chanel Vamp Lipstick

Back in '94 when we were attempting to remove ourselves from Flannel and the re-emergence of Jellies, there were the burgandy lipsticks.
Chanel Vamp is/ was the creme de la creme of them all.
It looks so sophisticated and its timeless, my only wish is that the lipstick were as dark as the nail polish.
Oh mid-90's how I miss thee.. but you can still find Vamp anywhere that sells Chanel.
I can't promise you will find those jellies..

Monday, March 5, 2007

Paris Fashion Week Round-up

So I scavenged the acrhives of different sites for Paris Fashion weeks looks- SO far all of the ones that I enjoyed- I've posted. Here are a bit of the others.

Hermes- Street Chic
Alexander McQueen- Bold Blue Liner
Jean Paul Gaultier- Feather in your cap and lookin' beautiful

Chanel Look Fall'07

Winter wonderland anyone?

It was different from last fall season. It kinda reminded me of MAC's Snowgirl campaign from 2002. The etheral snow queen look.
Crimped Hair, Cheeks that looked like a dewy jelly stick or stain could do the trick. My suggestions- try Lorac's cheek stain or Eyeko's Raspberry cheek balm.
The lips were " beestung" and the Brows were sharp and fierce.
Judging by the backstage photos Clinique was used on the Brows and MAC Mascara was used on the lashes.
No Black nails here, they were pink and frosty to accompany the hair and makeup

I'm kinda excited about the turquise blue purse

Friday, March 2, 2007

Global Warming: Natural Selection

The future is now and apparent. No, we don’t have commercial use for flying cars but fashion and beauty has put the “ Future Phenom” into its spotlight. It can be seen in cinema for example films like Blade Runner, Back to the Future and Metropolis. Most recently we’ve seen it when we met and fell in love with Louis Vuitton’s Peter pan dress from Spring ’03, Balenciaga’s R2D2 leggings from Spring ’07 and Hussein Chalayan’s Electronic Dress(es).
Campaigns are turning into climate change, warmth and recognizing a “future” that involves adaptation and science. LV’s 2004 ads with Karen, Amber, Liya, Angela and Naomi all in the desert, vivid color and blatantly hot. Diesel’s present campaign is all about global warming with shots of adverse events due to weather changes. If Darwin were alive- who would he think would survive?
A friend of mine who is of asian decent tells me she used to play in the sun as a youngster and not get burned.. now 20 years later, she can’t leave the house without sunscreen. How many people in the past have slathered oil on and “laid-out” now have to come to the fact that skin cancer is a risk or can’t leave the house without a hat or something to protect them from the sun?
Global warming is a threat to us all but poses a higher risk the lighter your skin is. I have dark skin and when I get some sun I tan and then it goes away. When I go to the beach and see people “ burn” to achieve color or go to the tanning salons. I think quietly “ Maybe its just not meant to be?”
I feel like this is all apart of evolution. While me may or may not be able to change the climate conditions with Global Warming, we can continue to do our part to conserve what we have. Science can help in this case, with new formulas to shield from Toxins, UV rays and other environmental damages. Until then wear your sunscreen ( and in about 10 years.. moon screen) and as Olay says “ Love the skin you are in”.

Stella McCartney Fall '07

So far SM is in the #1 spot for me as far as fall looks.
Skin: Clean, light with Concealor
Eyes: Pink with Mauve in the crease,and pink lined eyes.
Cheeks:Creame muted Rose
Lips: Pink lipstick with clear gloss on top.

The look is dewy, natural and healthy.. see a trend?
Usually fall consists of burgandy, matte tones, subdued browns, charcoal and a variation of red lips and or winged liner for the eyes.
Judging so far from Paris Fashion week's Makeup looks- enhancing what you've got is plain and simply the best.
Especially at a time when there is controversy over models dying from Anorexia nervousa, women starving and binging at alarming rates and the alarming statistic of 40% of American 9-year-olds diet.
I think its time to take a look and appreciate what we naturally have.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

You did it again Monsieur!

I love the dark coats, Boucle hair clips and jewels and the kickin' boots. I'm so excited for Lacroix's Fall collection. What really does it for me is the bright fuschia lmd ( little mini dress), too cute for words and definately holiday worthy.

The model's look was fabu too. Still in-style smokey eye, dewy skin and pink lip.

To sum the collection up I would say it was whimsical.

Karl Lagerfeld Fall'07

For some reason I think that this show has been done before- like back in '03 execpt for it was a Chanel show.. coincidence. Anywho, I like the model's makeup. Khol rimmed eyes, Matte nude/ fushia lips, bright pink nails.. It's the 80's all over again, and again and again.

Beauté du Jour: Irina Pantaeva

Siberian beauty, Long Decendent from Genghis Khan's migration from Mongolia to Siberia and Supermodel.

She was a muse for the late Irving Penn and other photographers that loved her angular beauty and bright personality.
She was "discovered" by Karl Lagerfeld when attending an open- call with a Friend in Paris while in her teens. From there she took off- Modeling, Acting ( Mortal Combat anyone?) and theatre. She even wrote a book about her life.
What an inspiration.