Sunday, July 8, 2007

MAC for Lacroix

Please note: this is purely hypothetical but for me, a good what if.
In Sept MAC for Alexander McQueen will launch and I'm nothing but ready for it ... but what about the future?
That is when I conjured my very own MAC for Christian Lacroix collection! A Face 8X collection fancied after the MAC for Temperley Palette.

Soleil, Breezin', Purple Haze, Femme, Lacroix, Sensuous, Bazar, Bordeaux

Cream Colour Base: Soleil- True Gold w/ Bronze shimmer

Eye Shadow: Breezin'- Neutral muted Dark Grey ( satin)
Purple Haze- Midtone Violet ( matte)

Lipstick: Femme- Mid-tone Cloudy Lavendar w/ Gold pearl ( lustre)

Gloss: Lacroix- Dark Plum Egglant

Eyeshadow: Sensuous- Deep grape w/ black ( matte)
Bazar- Rose pink w/ gold pearl ( velux pearl)

Blush: Bordeaux- Dark Midtone Magenta (matte)

A girl can dream...

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