Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Beauty: Vanity from The Last Dragon


I was so happy this past weekend to see Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon available to view instantly. The movie made my childhood! I thought Leroy Green ( Taimak) was so cute and I wanted to be Laura Charles (Vanity) and oh the 80's hair, poppin', lockin' at 7th Heaven and lets not forget Sho'nuff of Harlem.

Its been YEARS since I've seen this- I'm so glad it's available! All the memories of hanging out with my Aunt Pat and my cousins, having popcorn and cracking up at the campy-craziness of a martial arts culture, plus some classic 80's good-time music by Debarge.
Will we ever reclaim the joy of the 80's?

Laura's makeup was it! The big hair, fuchsia contoured chiseled cheeks, smokey black eyes and violet-pink lipstick- it was no wonder she was Prince's lady at the time.. though he could have helped her on some dance moves because that was another story.

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