Monday, August 24, 2009

The Barney's Warehouse Report

Friday, I made the trek to the Barney's Warehouse sale since I didn't have the time nor the energy to go on opening day.
Need to say- utter disapointment.
I had been eyeing this mint Balenciaga brassiere for the past month and a half, when I called the store a few weeks ago they quoted me the sale price of $119. Well, guess how much my little dream party item was- the exact same price!! NO ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT.
Along with the same Stella McCartney pink denim that was marked down to around $70 in March- the price was hiked back up to over $100!
Who are you kidding BWS? Really?
The shoes were a mix of left overs ( again hiked back up to vicious, fictious prices) and spring/summers trendies. Those of you who have small size 6 feets are in luck- they had lots of cute shoes -again, don't know if there were price gouged.

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