Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Love: YSL Rouge Gloss Volupte

I had the pleasure of experiencing YSL's brand new stick gloss- Rouge Gloss Volupte
Much like its lipstick sister- Rouge Volupte, this newbie packs a punch when it comes to smoothness, texture and hydration plus, it leaves the right amount of color sans stickiness.
The texture is more gel based, extremely juicy and builds gradually as you apply.

The shades stand out and are much more wearable than the traditional YSL glosses, the color you see in the tube is indefinitely what you get.
The standout for me was Frozen Plum. Its a great burgundy-plum combination that is right up fall's alley! Not as dark as an eggplant, but more of a pre-dinner or "meeting grab and go" to color.
I would suggest this as a "must have" as you can wear it on the daily and layer the color, not having to double check to see if there is too-too much on to the point that your lips scream" I'm glossy, see me!
Other shades currently featured are:

#1 Iced Lycee- light neutral peach-pink
#2 Chilled Raspberry- medium bright fuchsia-pink
#3 Frozen Cherry- bright cherry red
#4 Frozen Plum- medium burgundy-plum

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Yi said...

I just got the Iced Lycee !! it...n i cant stop reapply it haha