Thursday, September 15, 2011

Recap of IFB Con Fall 2011: Magnum! Minx! and Missoni!

First let me start by Thanking you for holding on here for all of the NY Fashion week post recaps. Its been an extremely busy week, which I will get to soon enough. But to start fashion week, the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference hosted 200 of us at Milk Studios in the meatpacking district on Wednesday, Sept 7th for panels and discussions that included advice from Ari Goldberg or StyleCaster, the Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, Christen Rochon of Divas & Dorks, Mr. Mickey Boardman of PaperMag and Coco Rocha of Oh So Coco and Supermodel!! The Keynote speaker was none other than Joe Zee of Elle Magazine who was interviewed by Tina Craig of BagSnob.
The conference was amazing and I met so many individuals whom blogs I geek out over like Erin of Scandalous Beauty.

Magnum Ice cream provided the perfect anecdote to a rainy day by providing not only ice cream but Minx in the color of chocolate and caramel swirls! I couldn't pass up the opportunity and got my nails done pronto by Natasha a Minx specialist from DC. Natasha had her lips glammed with a platinum sparkly lip sticker that looked crazy cool.

Jessica of Styloteque
Magnum x Minx Manicures!

Target for Missoni brought their own blogger Marina, the 20 ft Missoni wearing fashion enthusiast who has the worlds biggest smart phone. At the event KMS California styled hair and provided hair tips. This particular morning, the rain turned my hair into a frizz of tangle so I asked a stylist for help. They recommended Free Shape Anti- Humidity Seal. I went with that and got back to the con.

Coco Rocha of Oh So Coco
During the panel of the Business of Blogging, Coco Rocha mentioned that since she is a model and that her job is to sell, some companies approach her about "plugging " their product, which is what she gets paid to do as a profession however her blog is her creative outlet. Conversely, there are many assignments that she is excited to share with her readers but can't talk about it for fear of being dropped from the project or job but as her blog is a creative outlet and she is mindful of her young followers who are trying to pursue their careers in modeling ( also worth mentioning that she said her followers are as young as 15!) and has spoken out against eating disorders and the pressure of appearance in her industry. While I do not follow Coco's blog, I do admire her for using her influence to help and advise her audience.

Keynote Speaker Joe Zee and his interviewer Tina Craig were amazing, their rapport was like listening to friends catch up, not like your standard interview. Its refreshing to know that Joe Zee believes that social media and print media can co-exist despite all the streamlining and faster communication streams. Plus, he is only one of three editors at Elle that have a Twitter and was one of the first to do so ( he has had his Twitter account for over 2 years) and he's launching a blog that showcases a lot of his editorial work over the past 20 years, including some behind the scenes shoots filled with back stories and memories!

After IFB, we all (over 21 folks) headed over to the Rivington Hotel for a party hosted by KMS California for their new line of products. I have to say, the line is impressive. Products to help you achieve a new look without washing your hair? That cuts so much time out of my day!

IFB Conf is such a great way to get your blog out there by meeting other great bloggers, stylists, writers and photographers who want to meet you too!

KMS Califonia Styling

Idiosyncratic Fashionistas
Tina Craig of and Joe Zee of Elle Magazine

Party Bus to the Rivington!
Next up on the agenda, Fashion's Night Out, which I can't wait to share with you soon!
A special Thanks! to my new and continuing group of Blog friends! Erin of Scandalousbeauty, Laura of Lolbeauty, Jessica of Styloteque ,the wonderful women of Idosycratic Fashionistas and Donyale of

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