Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nars' New (deep) foundation shades!



What a difference a few months make! Back in February, Aja Mangum wrote a great article in on her foundation finding adventures at the most sought after cosmetics lines, many of which I discuss here.

Lo and behold, someone answered our prayers at Nars!
I was told today (at the Nordies Cosmetics Trendshow no less) by Nars artist Jennifer that there are new shades to suit deep skintones. Yay! Unfortunately, Nordies didn't carry them
 (and sadly Hawaii is too red on me) but, Sephora did!

Though the stores my get some in a few weeks, you can check out New Orleans, New Guinea, Benares,Trinidad and Tortuga on here.


Info on the Spring Trendshow coming soon!

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