Wednesday, November 18, 2009

5ave 5 of '09: Danielle of Danielleish!

Danielle is now a buyer based out of Houston, TX (yeehaw!) and Brooklyn will not be the same with out her. We have missed her sweet potato pancakes and cake balls with crazy confectionary glaze! Now she loves "keeping up with my gorgeous east coast friends". Aww, Thanks Danielle!
"Outside of work, if I'm not at workout bootcamp ( I'm hunting out banh mi sandwiches and the best BBQ and queso the south has to offer!"

Here are Danielle's favorite 5 products:

Skin: Oil of Olay Daily Regenerist Serum - I am a freak for Oil of Olay - this is the product that was always on my mother's bathroom counter. Though, I find the classic moisturizer to be a bit heavy for me. I really love this product because it doesn't leave me feeling greasy and it doesn't suffocate my face in the hot Texas sun!

Fragrance: Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne - I have been wearing this scent for about three years, usually once the weather gets colder, and I love it. It's pretty unique, but the Jo Malone fragrances are all so distinct that you really get the chance to find something perfectly suited for you. Additionally, they offer a Fragrance Combining Menu for that truly one-of-a-kind perfume that only you will be wearing around town. More on that here:

Hair: Neutrogena Shampoo, anti-residue formula - I really like trying out tons of different shampoos + conditioner combinations. But once a week I give my hair a much-needed reprieve and wash it with this classic shampoo and then finish with a deep conditioning mask. The shampoo DOES kind of smell like my grandpa's old leather loafers and stale after shave, but I know with all the products to which I subject my hair, it needs a good thorough cleaning. This stuff does the trick.

Body: Dove Sensitive Skin Body Bar - I really love bar soap, but my microdermabrasion lady always tells me that I need to break this habit. A friend recommended this product to me by way of her dermatologist and I have been hooked ever since! It's sensitive enough to be used on your face, you can pick it up at the grocery store along with your apples and oranges, and I still get that bar soap satisfaction with which I strangely can't seem to part.

Hair 2.0: Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme - This stuff is really the bomb, yall. It's so versatile, you can use it if you're going to air dry your hair and go au naturale, or if you're really gonna amp things up and go super sleek and bring out the hair dryer/other assorted hair tools. It doesn't weigh your hair down, yet it still provides the right amount of hold so your hair doesn't fall limp the second you walk out the door. Though, for a big night, I still bring out the trusty hair spray - my proximity to Dallas gets me every time!

(Surprise! BONUS!) Certain Dri - Oh, where to begin with this one. Look, nobody likes sweaty pits. This stuff will get that pesky problem out of your life once and for all! No need to go into detail, but upon my recommendation, get thee to a CVS and start using it today! Those old "Sure? Unsure." commercials can finally be laid to rest thanks to Certain Dri!

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